Henry Kravis Wife, Family, House, Net Worth

Published On: 01 Apr, 2016

Henry Kravis Wife, Family, House, Net Worth

Born on January 6 in the year 1944, the leading American businessman has already reached the age of 72. As per wiki, he is the co-founder of ‘Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.’ which is a private equity firm and has$94.3 billion assets in accordance with the information collected on 31st of December, 2013. With an estimated net worth of $4.8 billion as collected on the ranking of September 2015, he has been recorded as the 108th richest man in America and 278th in the whole world. He was born in a Jewish family in a place called Tulsa, Oklahoma; his parents are Raymond and Bessie Kravis who were a successful Tulsa oil engineers.

Kravis started his education at Eaglebrook School and joined Loomis Chaffee School for high schooling. With a major in economics, he attended Claremont McKenna College. He graduated in the year, 1967 and later joined Columbia Business School for his MBA. He worked at many jobs in New York financial sector. Later, he and his 1st cousin worked under the financial manager, Jereme Kohlberg. Both of them became the partners at Bear Terns when they were very young of age, 30 and 31. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Kravis along with the partners started a series of what they described as ‘bootstrap’ investments.

In the coming years, Kohlberg and after that, Roberts and Kravis would complete a line of buyouts like Cobler's industries, Stern metals, Incom, Boren Clay and Thompson Wire Eagle Motors. The investment in Cobblers ended in bankruptcy although they had a high number of successful investments. There were problems building up between the trio in the year 1976 and that also lead to the departure of their single names Kravis, Roberts, and Kohlberg. Some list of companies Kravis has invested till date can be Health Corporation of America, Safeway, Playtex, TXU, Beatrice Foods, etc.

Kravis has got married for three times. He got 1st married to Helene Diane Shulman, but the relationship had to end in a divorce. Later, she died at the age of 49 suffering from cancer. He again married to the designer in New York named Carolyne Roehm in the year 1985, but they also came to divorce.

Finally, he got married to his present wife, a prominent Canadian economist named Marie-Josee Drouin who is a former columnist and also a TV personality with a grand wedding. The information about his children is not provided to us maybe he prefers more privacy about his family life and house matters. His wiki has been very popular among the people due to the height of success he has achieved and the powerful name he has made for himself.