Zandy Reich Bio: From Age, Birthday To Engaged With Girlfriend, Engagement Ring, Job, Net Worth

Updated On: 30 Apr, 2018

Zandy Reich Bio: From Age, Birthday To Engaged With Girlfriend, Engagement Ring, Job, Net Worth

President of the clothing company All Year Round (AYR), Zandy Reich, age 35, has amassed viral attention overnight on the tabloid when the former Glee star Lea Michele announced the news about their engagement. Zandy has been a prolific personality in the field of business and fashion clothing but is non-germane when it's come to Hollywood.

Zandy Reich Dating Former Glee Star Lea Michele

Zandy Reich and Lea Michele were dating each other secretly since 2016; however, the couple went public about their relationship in July of 2017. Before that, the two were longtime friends and were sharing the moment together.

Zandy and his girlfriend Lea were spotted holding hands on the street of on New York City on 18th July 2017. Not only that, the couple were seen sealing the romantic kiss together on the street of NYC.

Zandy Reich with his girlfriend, Lea Michele on the street of NYC (Photo:

Also, the two was seen cozying with each other near the coast the same year.

With the smooth going relation, the couple celebrated the Valentines Day of 2018 together. Besides, Lea's affair with her boyfriend Zandy, she was previously dating Matthew Paetz for two years. Also, Lea dated former One Tree Hill actor Robert Buckley briefly in 2016. But later, the couple had a split.

Zandy Reich Exchange Engagement Ring

Well, the two heartthrob couple came up with a surprise for their fans when Zandy offered a 4-carat diamond engagement ring to his longtime girlfriend. The couple got engaged to each other in a secret ceremony on 28 April 2018. 

Lea also shared the picture of her with a beautiful engagement ring on her hands with the caption 'Yes!'

Lea Michele flaunting her beautiful engagement ring on 28th April 2018. (Photo: Instagram)

How Much Is Zandy's Net Worth?

Zandy is not a Hollywood celebrity like his fiancée Lea Michele. Well, he is a businessman working his job in finance as well as fashion. Zandy has his fame in the clothing industry. Before he approached the post of president in the designer clothing company AYR, he worked as the head of business development for the clothing company. In this way, he grew his net worth from his career.

Besides Zandy's net worth, his newly engaged fiancée, Lea Michele has accumulated the net worth of $12 million being the Hollywood star.

Short Bio

Born in 1983, Zandy Reich celebrates his birthday on every 24th of January. His fiancée Lea Michele also wished him on his birthday in 2018. Zandy has completed his degree in finance from the University of Pennsylvania as per wiki.

Since his fiance, Lea Michele stands at the height of 5 feet 2½ inches, Zandy stands around the height of 5 feet 5 inches as seen in photos.