Adam Saleh Net Worth

Published On: 25 Jul, 2016

Adam Saleh Net Worth

Adam Saleh is America based YouTube personality and Vloger cum rapper and actor. He was born to Yemeni parents in Brooklyn as Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh on 4th June 1993. His schooling was completed from Central Park East High School and then John Jay College of criminal Justice. In 2012 he started a YouTube channel named “True Story ASA” and started posting videos with the help of his two college buddies Abdullah Ghuman and Sheikh Akbar. He grew popular for his videos on YouTube. He even bagged a role in American buddy cop drama called American sharia.

He has released three singles with various actors for his YouTube channel. His first single was “Diamond” girl released on May-3 2015. He later switched to solo single and debuted with “Tears” which was released on 10th August 2015. Later in year 2015, he released one more single called “Tomorrow’s another day” released on 4th of December 2015.

He had hit fair share of criticism with his video called “Racial profiling experiment”. This video made huge outrage among public against police for their racial discrimination. In this video, Adam and sheikh were seen arguing in western custom near police officer and it was seen that officer ignored it. But, later they switched to Muslim costumes and engaged in same sort of quarrel and they were suddenly abused by police officer. The criticism came his way after the video was claimed to be hoax.

According to available biographies about Saleh on internet, he is still single and no information about him having a girlfriend is mentioned. No information about any of his affairs is mentioned on his biographies either. He doesn’t have any past history of dating and it seems certain that he doesn’t have wife either since he is not married guy till now. He stands 5’7” tall by height and is certain to attract the growing fans attention in coming years because his rise in popularity.

According to Wikipedia, his worth is surmised to be $800,000. This net worth is not bad for one who is just 22 and continues to grow popular. Given his ability to act and produce videos and his popularity, he is certain to make big bucks in coming years. He already has gained success in different parameters and hopes to continue doing so in coming years.