Alisha Marie Wiki: Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Dating, Affairs, Net Worth

Published On: 26 Jan, 2018

Alisha Marie Wiki: Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Dating, Affairs, Net Worth

Youngsters aspiring through the social media like YouTube and Vine have become a recent trend. One of such young talent is Alisha Marie who is enriching her popularity every day with her life hack, beauty and comedy videos on the self-entitled YouTube Channel. To know more about her, without further ado, scroll below!

Career as a Beauty and Lifestyle Guru on Youtube!

Alisha Marie is a YouTube sensation famous for her lifestyle and comedy videos on her channel. She is one of those stars who started her career from the bottom and has made an impact on millions. Marie has over 6 million subscribers to her channel “AlishaMarie.”  

She started her channel in 2008 but did not post her videos until 2011. And even when she did, her works were not recognized by the viewers in the beginning. In an interview with Parade on July 20, 2017, she mentioned that viewers started acknowledging her since 2014. Some of her most watched video o0n YouTube is “The sister tag” and “Funny Pranks! Roommate Wars.”

Is Alisha Marie Dating?

It would come out as a surprise if a bubbly and beautiful girl as Alisha is single. She surely has a lot of people who admire her and are out there dying to be with her. But what about her life? Is she dating? Is she single? Let’s find out.

YouTube star, Alisha keeps the details of her relationship with herself. However, she has frequently been asked about her dating affairs in the past and the present. Marie uploaded a video titled “The Boyfriend Tag” back in 2013 where she had a Q/A session with her best friend, Alecia who disguised herself as her boyfriend.

Caption: Alisha Marie with he ex-boyfriend Andrew in the "Boyfriend Tag" in 2012.
Source: Instagram 

Similarly, she also posted a video titled 'Boyfriend Tag' featuring her former boyfriend in 2012 but deleted it as their relationship took a different turn. However, she failed to remove their pictures together from Instagram, and that's how sources knew about her previous dating life. 

As of now, the YouTube Guru despite being active in her Social Media has not mentioned about her current affair. She in her Q/A session video on YouTube said that she is single. Furthermore, she has added that her viewers will be notified once she starts dating again.

How much is Alisha Marie’s Net Worth?

Alisha Marie started off with a small audience, but now has become one of the most loved YouTube Vlogger after posting videos regularly. As of now, sources suggest that she has a net worth of $250,000.

About Alisha Marie’s Family:

Alisha hasn’t yet mentioned about her parents in any of her social media yet. However, you might sure know her, sister Ashley Nichole. She is also one of the YouTube vloggers though not famous as Alisha. You can often see Nichole in her videos. She has posted a picture of her father and sister on Instagram wishing him a “Happy Father’s Day” on June 19, 2017.

Short Bio of Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie aged 25 celebrates her birthday on 5 April every year. She was born in Riverside, California. She is quite active in her social media and shares her personal details with her fans via her videos and Vlogs. The stunning and talented star stands tall at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Maries is the younger sibling in her family.