Amanda Lindhout Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Child, Height, Bio

Date: 17 Apr, 2017

Amanda Lindhout Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Child, Height, Bio

Wow! She has been to more than 70 countries! Amanda Lindhout is a journalist, speaker, humanitarian and A New York Times bestselling author. She has been to various conflict zones around the world and reported on the matter. No award or medal can be enough to reward her for putting her life in danger in the course of her job. She was declared Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2012.

Journey into The Unknown:

Amanda’s career began with a modeling job along with a job of a waitress. She left the hob to become a journalist and used its salary to visit different conflict zones around the world. Her journalism career began in Afganistan. She later moved to Iraq where it was claimed that she got kidnapped.

After that, she traveled to the different part of Africa. She is also a public speaker represented by National Speakers Bureau/Global Speakers Agency.

In An Abduction in Somalia!!!

On August 23, 2008, Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brennan, a 37-year-old freelance Australian photojournalist from Brisbane, after two days in Mogadishu, along with three other men including their translator and driver. On their way to IDP camp, they were stopped by gunmen in their teenage.

They were insurgents from Hizbul Islam fundamentalist group. They were kidnapped instead of two other experienced journalists. While in there, the captors raped and tortured her repeatedly. They appeared on a footage in Al Jazeera surrounded by gunmen. The kidnappers demanded $2.5 million and later lowered to $1 million. Later CTV News received a phone call in which she was heard sobbing and describing her situation.

After 460 days in captivity, the captors released her on November 25, 2009, along with Brennan following a ransom payment by their families. In 2015 a person, Ali Omar Ader was arrested as the primary negotiator in their hostage taking.

How Much is Amanda Worth?

The journalist is an internationally renowned speaker with clients like Google, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton. She receives a generous amount of salary and an excellent net worth. She has also founded a non-profit organization, Global Enrichment Foundation that has raised $3 million to help empower and educate children and women in Kenya And Somalia.

Is Amanda Already Married?

The daring and always traveling journalist has spent the most of her life, this has all increased her credibility in her profession but has earned her the respect and love of the people even more. She has both suffered as well as achieved in her career as a journalist.

She is still moving around a lot as a speaker to many countries. It seems to have affected the life of the reporter. She is also very low key as well as discreet about her personal life in the recent times. There’s not actual information regarding her dating or having a boyfriend.

She hasn’t been linked to any people from her field or elsewhere. She has never been married or had a husband. In 2009, immediately after her release from captivity, it was rumored that she was pregnant and would give birth to her captor/rapists’ child. It turned out to be false.

Short Bio:

Amanda Lindhout currently aged 35 was born on 12th June 1981 in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. She was born to parents Lorinda Stewart and John Lindhout. Born in a white family, she belongs to Canadian ethnicity. The beautiful and glowing journalist and public speaker have a perfect body shape and measurement with proper height.