Anabelle Acosta Wiki: Boyfriend, Dating, Family

Published On: 07 Jun, 2018

Anabelle Acosta Wiki: Boyfriend, Dating, Family

Anabelle Acosta is popularly known for the HBO series Ballers where she appeared with the role of Anabelle alongside WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson. The American actress also emerged as Natalie Vasquez in the ABC series Quantico. The Hollywood actress has also played the role of Camila Vega in the NBC series Chicago P.D.

How Does Anabella Summon Net Worth?

Anabelle Acosta has collected significant part of her net worth from her career as an American actress. Her 2012 film Freelancers was made at the budget of $11 million wheras 2014 film By the Gun goes from North End to the big screen with a production cost of $3 million. Anabelle has gathered some fortunes through these movies where she played the role of Cyn and FBI Agent Sarah Ramsey respectively.

Likewise, she received annual payments from Random Acts Productions as she appeared in American thriller series Quantico from 2015 to 2016. During her six years period in the entertainment industry, she increased her payrolls as she has appeared in six movies and many TV series.

Anabelle started her career as an actress in 2008 where she portrayed the role of Hot Bartender in the film The Next Hit. In 2012, she debuted in TV series Breaking In where she played the character of Phoebe. Her notable movies and TV series from 2012 to 2017 includes We Made This Movie; Supernatural; The Arrangement; Chicago P.D.; and Fat Camp.

Anabelle's On-Screen Boyfriend

In the HBO series, Ballers she played the role as Annabella, girlfriend of Ricky Jerret. Her on-screen boyfriend Ricky was played by American actor John David Washington. The series also featured Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) who portrayed the character of Spencer Strasmore.

Annabella's game-playing boyfriend is a two-timer who knows the right moves against her. Although Ricky cheats and lies to her, she finds the positive aspect and stays with him. Eventually, Annabella found Spencer and got on good terms with him, and walked together before stopping at an ATM. Dwayne as Spencer placed his hand on Annabella's head, and the actor rolled to kiss his co-star in an episode of Ballers.

Anabelle Acosta and Dwayne Johnson in HBO Series, Ballers in January 2014 (Photo: Dailymail)

American series, Ballers first aired on 21 June 2015 on HBO and HBO Latin. The show centers on the group of football players along with their families and friends. While most of the main casts featured as on-screen NFL player, Anabelle played the recurring role where she appeared on eight episodes.

Who Is Anabelle Dating Behind The Camera?

Anabella is dating the S.W.A.T. actor, Shemar Moore. They first made their dating official at the red carpet on Grammy Awards in January 2018, and since then, the couple is the talk of the town. Sheamar also confessed his mother knows about Anabella and they are not in a hurry to meet their parents as there would be pressure.

Anabelle Acosta and her boyfriend, Shemar Moore attends red carpet on Grammy Awards together in January 2018 (Photo: Dailymail)

Her boyfriend Sheamar, before returning to S.W.A.T. on March 2018 opened up regarding their relationship. The actor said they are taking baby steps to flourish their relationship. He also confirmed the couple is not thinking about marriage and they are still getting to know each other better.

Short Bio

Anabelle Acosta was born on 28 February 1987 in Havana, Cuba. She possesses American nationality and belongs to mixed (Cuban, Spanish) ethnicity. Anabelle who has a height of 1.68 m (5' 6") also appears on national commercials and advertisements. The 31-year-old actress studied at Juilliard School in New York City. 

Anabelle's family were Cuban-American, and she grew up in Cuba with her mother Ana Maria Ortega and her father. As siblings, she has a younger brother, Jason Acosta. According to the wiki, she started her acting and modeling career in New York City, New York.