Andrew Ross Sorkin Salary and Net Worth

Published On: 06 Aug, 2016

Andrew Ross Sorkin Salary and Net Worth

The New York Times' financial columnist and a co-anchor of the famous channel famous show "Squawk Box", yes he is an American and also an author, yes it's not a various person just one name is Andrew Ross Sorkin. Andrew was born in New York City, New York, the USA on 19th February 1977 to his parents. He is the son of the playwright, Ross, and Laurence. The famous American journalist Andrew rose up in New York with his friend and siblings, so he holds the American nationality. Sorkin graduated from Scarsdale high school in 1995.

Andrew Ross Sorkin worked as the Director and chief editor of a financial news service at DealBokk and also served in the New York Times as a Columnist/Editor and, co-host for CNBC's "Squawk Box". The well-known journalist Andrew first started to write Business Week and The Times in London during the 1990s. Sorkin began DealBook, The New York Times' a daily e-newsletter brought out in 2001. His financial news service, DealBook awarded, adding the Webby Award for best Business Blog. He is also a writer of the most-selling book, "Too Big to Fail", which won several awards; it won in 2010 the Gerald Loeb Award for best Business Book.

An award-winning journalist and author Andrew has a net worth of over $10 million dollars. Andrew has the highest journalist and columnist salary in any media field with $650 thousand dollars as a host from CNBC and around $200 thousand dollars from The News York Times as a Columnist and Editor annually including bonuses and incentives. Sorkin also paid a high amount of tax to the government, and he spends money to his children education and their health care. The Too Big Fail author Sorkin bought a $2.315 million dollars apartment with good-furnished well decorated three-bedroom at 118 West 79th Street in 2010. Andrew also has the passion of purchased new vehicles and new expensive fashion wears and also spends to travel. So he is a millionaire, who survived him very compactly.

The young and handsome American journalist Andrew is already a married guy. He married to Pilar Jenny Queen in June 2007, after their couples of year's successful love affairs with her. There was not any reason raised by the couple regarding their divorce and Andrew is the father of two children. They are happily living with their friends and family. So sometimes his wife Pilar relate, Andrew is very romantic, caring husband in his real nature.

The famous America author and journalist Andrew has 6 feet 3 inches of height with an average of weight. As you can see in the photos he not only two eyes colors but he has an elongated pupil, this of having different color two eyes is named heterochromia. You also find him on his social account as well and also get his bio from there.