Ann Serrano Wiki, Wedding, Husband, Divorce, Kids, Net Worth, 2017

Date: 09 Jan, 2018

Ann Serrano Wiki, Wedding, Husband, Divorce, Kids, Net Worth, 2017

Sometimes nothing is enough to salvage the relationship, even saving the life of your counterpart doesn’t hold any meaning when you possess a big gap of personal differences. Ann Serrano had the similar fate installed for her when she ended her relationship with George Lopez in spite of saving his life by donating one of her kidneys. American actress though has a reason to smile in her daughter Mayan and a satisfying career.

Carrier of Ann:

Ann Serrano is an American actress who is ex-wife of comedian George Lopez who has also acted in TV series like ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ and ‘Life with Bonnie.’ This part-time actress is credited three times as an actress. She is the writer of one of the episodes of the TV show ‘George Lopez.’

This multitalented woman is also recognized as a producer of different TV shows and documentary. She has also produced a TV movie ‘Mr. Troop Mom’ as an executive producer. The ex-wife of George Lopez is credited as co-executive producer of upcoming documentary ‘Carlos in Wonderland’ which is supposed to release in the year 2017.

Married and Finally Divorced!

The two of the most happenings as seen in Hollywood are marriages and divorces. Serrano and George Lopez tied the knot on 18th September 1993. The couple seemed destined to change the stereotype of Hollywood and was supposed to be one of the most influential couples in the Hollywood.

Their relationship was everything one would look up to and when they welcomed their daughter named Mayan in 1995 everything seemed picture perfect. They decided against having any kids after Mayan. 

 In 2005, Ann did something spectacular to save the life of his beloved husband. It came to light that Ann donated one of her kidneys to protect the deteriorating health of his husband. After giving the gift of life, she said that:

George, he comes from a very dysfunctional family, a horrific childhood. It was hard for him to accept that someone would give him the gift of life.

GLO even confessed that he was more concerned about his wife than himself. But five years later everything changed upside down.

Before inevitable disaster on 23rd November 2010, she was pictured alongside her husband at Padres el Contra Cancers 25th Anniversary Gala. But four days later, she decided to file for divorce mentioning ‘irreconcilable difference.’

Divorced at Riches:

After her application for divorce Ann’s case was finalized on 1st June 2011. Despite their divorce, their property settlement talks spanned over a year and concluded in late 2012.

As per the agreed settlement, Ann was entitled to fifty percent of GLO’s American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) retirement fund.

As per Fox News, she was about to get the 50-50 share of the fund that the star deposited from 1993-2010 covering their marriage length. Given the massive earning of GLO 17 years of retirement fund would reach a substantial figure.

How much is Ann’s Net Worth?

The television actress and a producer have kept her earnings and salaries behind the closed doors. And the fund that she received as a part of a divorce settlement is not revealed, but people expect it to be not less than millions of dollars. Her income for the TV deals and divorce settlement boost her net worth to millions of dollars which is yet to make to the public.

Short Bio and Wiki:

As per wiki sources, Ann Serrano was born on December 18, 1960, in Hartford, the US which makes her age 57.  She was born with the birth name Ann Marie Serrano. She is an American citizen. Ann’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches and possesses a healthy body shape. Mother of Mayan, Ann belongs to American-white ethnicity.