BuzzFeed's Ashly Perez Wiki: Age, Girlfriend, Dating

Updated On: 10 Jun, 2018

BuzzFeed's Ashly Perez Wiki: Age, Girlfriend, Dating

Ashly Perez is a YouTube star who is known as the travel editor and Violet video producer at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. She has emerged in both traditional and digital media establishments on BuzzFeed. Her BuzzFeed article 'I Wasn't Beautiful Enough To Live In South Korea' is famous for her elaboration on South Korean culture.

How Does Ashly Perez Gather Net Worth?

Ashly Perez, the native of California, derived her significant portion of net worth from her career at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. She works as a video producer and development partner for the famous Internet media company.

Ashly Perez joined BuzzFeed in 2013 and worked as an editor for the website. Throughout her career at BuzzFeed, she started BuzzFeed travel and served at the two viral quizzes 'What City Should You Actually Live In?' and 'What Career Should You Actually Have?' She then moved to Los Angeles at the age of 25 and joined BuzzFeed Motion Pictures as a video producer and development partner.

She co-created the BuzzFeed Violet, which is the BuzzFeed's first character. In late 2015, Ashly and her producer released Violet characters as first standalone series; You Do You. Their series became an instant hit which gathered top spot on iTunes TV store which beats TV series like Keepin’ Up with the Kardashians and The Walking Dead. They released season 2 of You Do You during the summer of 2016. During the third season, Ashly also worked with the sponsor Toyota Carolla.

Ashly Reveals Bisexuality; Depicts Wife On-Screen

During the BuzzFeed Violet first standalone series; You Do You, Ashly revealed her sexual identity as bisexual. She has rapidly supported the LGBTQ community. She described her revelation of her sexual identity as an evolution towards 'queerness of her real life.' Specifying that the BuzzFeed Violet characters depict the real people, she confirmed it was absurd to hide her sexual preferences.

The bisexual BuzzFeed star has also depicted her character as an on-screen wife in the BuzzFeed series. She shared her nautical themed married role via her Instagram on 15 August 2014 with her on-screen husband Andrew Ilnyckyj.

Ashly Perez and her on-screen husband in a nautical theme wedding in a picture posted on 15 August 2014 (Photo: Instagram)

Behind her on-screen role as wife, Ashly further commented on her sexuality on 30 April 2017. She tweeted that she's gay, proud and happy. The BuzzFeed star also hinted that she has a girlfriend through a Twitter post. Despite that, she hasn't revealed more details about her relationship and her possible girlfriend. As of June 2018, Ashly is reportedly unmarried.

Ashly's Family: Mother Immigrant Of US

Ashly's family consist of doctors, lawyers, and nurses. Her parents support her work in digital media and appreciate her job at Buzzfeed. They even went to the Buzzfeed with their daughter in October 2013 and enjoyed themselves.

Her mother, who is the United States immigrant, used to stay at Phillippines. At the age of 18, her mother immigrated to America. Her grandparents had five daughters who came over legally due to “chain migration” at America. She also describes the former Buzzfeed Director of Insights, Mallory Wang as her long-lost sister.

Short Bio

Ashly Perez was born on 8 July 1989 in California. Her height is 1.68 m (5' 6") and posses mixed ethnicity (Cuban, Filipino and Korean). After Ashly graduated from college, she felt pressured to find a job. As per wiki, she traveled through Asia and taught English to children at Deagu, South Korea.