Danny Seo Gay, Partner, Wife, Married

Date: 04 Jun, 2018

Danny Seo Gay, Partner, Wife, Married

Danny Seo is an American environmental activist who is known for his appearance on TV series Naturally, Danny Seo. As an environmental activist, he has published books such as Generation React and Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century. His organization Earth 2000 has blossomed into various teenagers through which Danny has become one of the best young activists throughout the country.

Danny's Rise Towards Stardom

As a lifestyle environmental expert, Danny has appeared in various TV series. He first appeared as a host in 2006 TV series Simply Green with Danny Seo. From 2007 to 2014 his works in TV shows include 'Live! With Kelly;' The Nate Berkus Show; The Talk; and The Queen Latifah Show. 

His most extended stint includes the series such as Today (2013 to 2016); Steve Harvey (2015 to 2016); Harry (2016 to 2018); and Naturally, Danny Seo (2016 to 2018). During his TV journey, he has appeared as Green-Living Expert, Eco-Lifestyle Expert, Lifestyle Green Expert and as a host. With his appearances on various TV shows, he has earned net worth in millions.

Danny As The Green Guru

According to the gay and lesbian news magazine The Advocate, Danny, who is 'The Green Guru,' was born to save the earth. The article was initially published on 6 May 2008 based on Danny's and environmental activists interviews published by Avery, Dan.

As per interview, Danny describes he was fond of environmental activism and is engaged towards environment since his childhood. When he was just 12 years old, he told his family that he would use his money $23 to find 'environmental and animal-rights advocacy group Earth 2000.' 

Danny's dream eventually got fulfilled as he founded the environmental organization Earth 2000 in 1989. He is also the CEO of Call2Recycle. For his environmental activities, he was listed as one of "40 Under 40" to watch by the New York Business and on People's Magazine, labeled him as 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. He is also partner with Ben Harris who is the president of Harris Publications.

Danny's Stunning House

Danny Seo's house, a secluded cabin, is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The American environmental activist said he bought small army furniture from eBay and screened the balcony to double his living space. He likes to maximize space in his small living room. He has used saturated colors with the dark wood in his wood cabinet. 

Danny Seo's house located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Photo:

Moreover, in 2000, Danny gifted his home outside Reading, Pennsylvania to his parents for the makeover of his book called Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century which initially published on 19 September 2001.

Who Is Danny's Wife?

The Green Guru, Danny is active on social networking sites. As a reality star, he is mostly seen posting career-oriented photos and his cookbook called Naturally, Delicious. He is also passionate towards foods and tries various recipes to make his food delicious.

The TV actor recently went on a vacation on Zambia. During his last day on Zambia, on 29 May 2018, he posted a picture on Instagram where the baby elephant was sailing in the river.

Besides his career-oriented posts and recipes photos, he has maintained low-key regarding his love-life. As of June 2018, the environmental activist is reportedly unmarried. 

Family Life

Danny was born to a Korean-American family. His father, who was an advocate of animal testing, moved alongside his family in Pennsylvania as he had a job at the local hospital. His mother raised Danny alongside his siblings. He is the youngest of his three siblings and grew up in Reading. His brother is a lawyer in Los Angeles and his sister; Ann Kim describes her family as conformist.

Short Bio

Danny was born on 22 April 1977 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He attended Governor Mifflin High School and graduated last in the class of 170 students. As per wiki, he has juggled in multiple projects in the various forms of media.