David Dobrik Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Dating, Shirtless

Date: 08 Jul, 2016

David Dobrik Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Dating, Shirtless

A famous vine stars and internet persona, David Dobrik was born on 23rd July 1996 in Kosice, Slovakia. David has been getting bigger name and fame in the internet world, which has made many people surprised. Born in Slovakia but moved in the USA, Chicago city in earlier of the age with his parents. So he attended his primary school in the USA. David was one of the authentic students and equally grumpy as well. He was born in mid-1996 but his parent's name and profession have not covered by the Tabloids, and his education background also unknown.

David regularly watched YouTube and vine when he was in his early age. He was attracted by the videos posted on YouTube and, vine and then he has also dreamed of being a celebrity on YouTube and Vine one day. And finally, David was reached in his dreamed career on 3rd April 2013, when his first video posted on a vine. After that, he was started regularly post the video on the vine.  He has biggest fan followers on the vine over 1.3 million of fan following.  He is top following and the famous vine star,

He is known for his work with his team member (Viners) Gabrielle Hanna, Alex Ernst, and Brandon Calvillo, and also seen in second class with Cameron Kasper, Jack Dytrych, Jake Webber and Bren Lunn.  He is also a YouTube persona, who is more active on YouTube channel named David Dobrik, where has biggest YouTube subscribers over 636 thousand. So, it seems that he is the world-top internet persona.

Talking about his personal life, David is an unmarried guy. But he was seen with having such a romantic love affairs and, dating with his girlfriend Elizabeth Koshy. The couple has started to date since the mid of 2015, and no any breakup rumors till date. Hope they will marry soon.

Genius and, talented vine and, YouTube star David has not opened the actual figure about his net worth on Tabloids, but we assume that he has a high net worth. Besides his name and fame on vine and YouTube, he is also an artist as an actor.

He has 5 feet 8inches height approx. and, slim body with the fit and fine and well made up the body. He is an internet personality so he is usually active on other social network sites as well. He has over 114k fan followers on Twitter and over 381k fan followers on Instagram.

Last but not the least, if you want to know about his bio, other information and, his shirtless pictures, they can be found on wiki sites.