Douglas Henshall Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Published On: 10 Aug, 2016

Douglas Henshall Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Douglas James Henshall is a Scottish actor of TV as well as films, and has been working his way up in the British movie industry. He might be best known for his role of “Jimmy Perez” in the show Shetland as well as for his role of the professor “Nick Cutter” in Primeval, which was a Sci-Fi program. Other than that, he has appeared in a number of different productions and although he started to work as an actor since 1989, but hasn’t had the busiest of schedules. One of his earliest works had come in Young Indiana Jones (1992-1996) along with Lipstick On your Collar. To find out more about his professional career, you can refer to his biography available in various websites like Wikipedia, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes etc.

Douglas Henshall was born on the 19th of November, 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland into a family of professional actors. His father was a theatre artist and jointly owned a small company along with his mother, who has two other kids along Douglas. Growing up in the house, life was not very tough for young Douglas as he grew up in an environment, which was very positive and suitable to nurture the actor inside him. He started to act as a young boy and then slowly made his way into some prominent roles in TV. With a couple of small and big TV roles, Douglas finally grabbed a bigger acting role and his first one in movies came in Angels and Insects (1995). With his commitment and dedication being appreciated by his fans as well as co-workers, he got roles in a series of movies after that, like The Man with Rain in His Shoes (1998), Orphans (1998) and Silent Cry (2002), amongst others.

When it comes to the personal life of a celebrity, the media seems to have all the information about him/ her and their partners. With a celebrity’s life meaning so much to their fans and followers, there are times when a small rumor can make a huge impact in the media and maybe that have been the case with Henshall here. He seems to have a very low private life, and doesn’t seem to discuss a great deal about it with the media. Or maybe he doesn’t have a lot to discuss about his dating life, as he doesn’t seem to have had multiple girlfriends in his life. With no confirmation about him being married and having any ex-wife so far, he only seems to have been in one relationship till now, and that was with actress Tena Stivicic. After breaking up with her some time ago, he is believed to be single currently. To find out more about him, you can follow him on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

With not the most attractive physical qualities, there is not a great deal of information known about Douglas, apart from his on screen roles. He seems to be a quiet guy, who is reserved and lives on his own with very little PR and social involvement, Not the tallest of man, he measures around 5 feet and 9 inches in height, is slim and stout and puts in his best efforts for his work. Not known particularly for having a good looking body unlike most actors, there aren’t any shirtless pictures of his to be found in the media. Some years ago, there was a huge rumor as some people thought and accused Douglas to be sexually gay. But that wasn’t true as his official sources denied any such rumor about him. Although he might be making a good deal of money for himself, but his net worth value isn’t revealed yet.