F. Lee Bailey Attorney, Wiki, Spouse, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Alive/Dead

Published On: 14 Sep, 2017

F. Lee Bailey Attorney, Wiki, Spouse, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Alive/Dead

If anyone has been through the meteoric rise and similar kind of downfall, then it's F. Lee Bailey. The criminal defense attorney who made a name for himself as the lawyer of infamous O.J. Simpson Murder case had a troubled personal life and is disbarred in Massachusetts, and Florida, which just adds salt to the wound. His life is now in disarray and leads a broken lifestyle in Yarmouth. 

Career and Professional Life:

The dropout of Harvard College joined United States Marine Corps in 1952. After serving as a squadron legal officer, he resigned in 1956 and went onto achieve highest GPA in the history of Boston University where he graduated with a degree of L.L.B in 1960. His reputation as the defense lawyer became the talk of the town when he managed “A Not Guilty” verdict for Sam Sheppard who was charged with the murder of his wife, Marilyn.

After many high profile cases, he and Robert Shapiro represented accused marijuana dealer Claude DuBoc. But when he claimed DuBoc assets of $20 million after raise, he was handed a prison sentence for the contempt of court. He then joined the defense team of O.J. Simpson where he cross-examined Mark Fuhrman which became peripheral in the acquittal of Simpson.

After his disbarment in Florida and Massachusetts in 2001 and 2003 respectively, he founded a Bailey and Elliott Consulting Business with partner and girlfriend Debbie Elliott in 2009 in Maine.

How much is F. Lee Bailey’s Net Worth?

The famous defense attorney used to own massive fortune from polished and luxurious cars to a private helicopter. But he is the classical example that things can go wrong even if you owe millions.

The author of “The Defense Never Rests” and a brief yet substantial television star reportedly summons a decent net worth of $5 million. But everything appears gloom for this lawyer, as he is now disbarred and broke. He then filed for bankruptcy in June 2016 when he owed more than $5 million in unpaid taxes.

“Paul is Dead” Saga!

Back in the 1960s, a topic had made every one unsettled was the conspiracy theory involving a legendary Paul McCartney of band “The Beatles.” According to the theory, Paul died in 1966, but the news never made to media and was replaced by a look-alike secretly.

After American students published an article and pointed out evidence that the clues of death were all over their lyrics and artwork, the news became viral at that time. In November 1969, Paul himself rubbished the theory and said that he was still alive.

The incident made it to television and Bailey conducted the mock trial in RKO television’s subject Paul is Dead. After the show aired on 30th November 1969, it was pushed aside once and for all.

His History with Multiple Spouse and Kids:

His confidence and trust in himself can be predicted for his quotes; he once said that:

"I use the rules to frustrate the law. But I didn’t set up the ground rules."

The charismatic attorney was some lady magnet during those days of confidence. Let's find out more about his primal lifestyle and history with girls.

His first marriage came in 1960 when he married Florence Gott. But the short lived relationship ended in divorce in 1961. After his divorce with Florence, he found the warmth in Froma Portney, but the relationship also yielded a short-fling. After divorcing his second wife, he married Lynda Hart in 1972.

By the end of 1980, he was the third time divorcee and looking to make things rights. He then shared vows with Patricia Shiers in 1985. His relationship finally made some progress and was living happily, but when you least expect the storm hit you, it hits you.

He lost his fourth spouse Patricia Shiers in 1999 when she died in an unfortunate event. Ever since he lost his loving wife Patricia, he has been the shadow of his former self.

Caption: F. Lee Bailey with his present girlfriend, Debbie Elliot in 2010
Source: The Press Herald

The father to three kids Scott F., Bendrix L., and Brain Bailey now savages his life in a broken scene. He lives and runs his business in Yarmouth with his partner and girlfriend Debbie Elliott, 62.

F. Lee Bailey’s Short Bio and Family:

The Waltham native graced the world on 10th June in 1993 which makes his age 84. He was born with the birth name Francis Lee Bailey, to parent Grace Mitchell in Waltham, Massachusetts. The former militant, who now lives in Yarmouth, Maine, runs a private firm called Bailey and Elliott Consulting business. His wiki remains secretive about his parents and family but information about his siblings remains under the bush. The veteran defense attorney holds American nationality and belongs to white ethnic background. He possesses a height on the short-ish side and has a buffed up body shape.