Jakeita Days Wiki: Age, Married, Boyfriend, Affairs, Ethnicity, Parents, Net Worth

Date: 09 Feb, 2018

Jakeita Days Wiki: Age, Married, Boyfriend, Affairs, Ethnicity, Parents, Net Worth

You must have known celebrities who were involved in childhood love affairs and later got pregnant. Well, one of those stars who experienced motherhood of her “fling” is Jakeita Days. She in her early age of fourteen gave birth to two beautiful humans but later abandoned them and gave them for the adoption.

Career and Progression:

Jakeita Days is a stunning actress known for her role in VH1 series “Black Ink Crew” and “Hip Hop Square” in 2012. Her recent work as an actress was for the movie, “Sacred Famous” in 2017.

Apart from being an actress, she is a receptionist working for a tattoo shop, “Black Ink Crew.” Before her career as a receptionist and an actress, she was just Jakeita, a makeup artist.

Too Young to be a Mother?

It is acceptable when you are blessed with a child when you are mature enough to raise him. But what do you do when you, yourself are a child? It is a bit chaotic and unaccepting when you give birth to two children at the age of 14.

Jakeita Days or Sky was pregnant at the age of 14. She became a mother to two beautiful souls, Dessalines (17) and Genesis (19). However, she could not enjoy the feeling of motherhood as she herself was a child back then.



Caption: Sky with her son younger son, Dessalines Days
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Her mother put both of her children up for adoption because, at that time, she could not look after the two sons and their future. She thought maybe it was the best thing to do. Well is it?

Who is the Father of Her Two Children?

A random man showed up in one of the episodes of “Black Ink Crew” in 2017. Sky after seeing him reacted obnoxiously and was terrified. Why do you say? Well, it’s because the man claims to be a father of Sky’s children and her ex-boyfriend. However, Sky denied to the statement, and she did not want to meet her ex-boyfriend.

Well then if he is not the father then who is? Jakeita has not confirmed about the statement and has not yet disclosed about the father. It is still a mystery who among her ex-lover is the father.

As of now, there is no information regarding her boyfriend or married life.

What is Jakeita Day’s Net Worth?

Jakeita has gained crazy popularity through her roles in “Black Ink Crew” and “Hip Hop Square.” And not to forget she is also the favorite receptionist in Black Ink Crew. Her importance in the crew and television industry cannot be measured or compared. She has managed to mark her position and fame in the industry, and despite that, she hasn’t revealed her net worth in figures.

However, wiki source has mentioned the net worth of the “Black Ink Crew” which is $4 million.

Her Short Bio:

The television reality star, Jakeita was born on September 19, 1983, which makes her 34 years of age. She was born and brought up in Harlem, New York. The actress has been known by her nickname, Queen of Mixxxys and Jakeita Days.

Her real name is Sky. The “Sacred Famous” actress belongs to the black ethnicity. Despite being a top search on the internet, information about her parents is not disclosed.