Jeff Zausch Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Height

Published On: 24 Aug, 2017

Jeff Zausch Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Height

He was born to conquer, overcome and survive the rural mountains of Idaho and boy he did make his soil and blood proud with his daredevil like performance in Discovery. Jeff Zausch is a man who is on the mission to rule the mountains with his primitive survival skills and dedication. He is a primitive survival skill expert in fire starting, shelter construction, and hunting, flaunted his ability in the popular Discovery’s show Dual Survivor. With his wife loving in his back, he is destined to conquer more.

Career as Extreme Survivalist!!

Jeff Zausch, 30 is an extreme survivalist and knows how to manipulate things around him for his survival. Jeff is trained expert in primitive fire starting, shelter construction, water sourcing, and primitive hunting.

His love of extreme environment began when he started hunting at the age of 12. Though his first hunting was busted up and he ended up only injuring a female deer. He made his first wilderness appearance in Discovery’s popular TV series Naked and Afraid XL in the 1st season which premiered on 12th July 2015. He appeared alongside Eva Robert, and they competed for their survival in Madagascar.

His survival skill and efforts were rewarded when he was cast in Dual Survivor in 9th Season with EJ Snyder which aired on 24th August 2016. The show received negative reviews as the show had high standards from the likes of Cody LundinMatt Graham, Joseph Teti, and Dave Canterbury to name few of the elite group.

How Much is Jeff’s Net Worth?

According to the reports, the competent received $5000 per episode in Naked and Afraid XL after taking life threatening risks and misery. But the survivalist believes that the show wasn’t about the money, but it is what they are. He also revealed that they were made for this extreme environment.

After starring in Dual Survival in 2016, his net worth sky rocketed and is expected to be in millions.

His Wife is His Biggest Strength!!!

The survivalist doesn’t have extremities regarding his personal life. Jeff married his longtime girlfriend, Gabrielle Zausch after years of dating.

Jeff walked down the aisle on 8th March 2013. When Jeff starred alongside Eva in Naked and Afraid, many predicted that nudity would affect his relationship. But the relationship grew stronger, and his wife even shared a lunch with Eva.

Jeff frequently shares his love for Gabby, as he calls her, on his Twitter account and doesn’t forget to thank his wife for constant support. Gabrielle is indeed his biggest strength for survival.

Jeff who is always busy in his tight schedule has limited free time to spend with his wife. As of now, the television personality doesn’t have a child.

Jeff’s Short Bio:

The Idaho-native took his first breath on 5th June 1987 in Pocatello, Idaho, the USA with the birth name Jeffrey Joseph Zausch. He possesses a tall height of 6 feet and has maintained a strong and athletic body.

According to the wiki sources, he was born to the survivor father as his father survived his first open-heart surgery when he was five and half weeks old. He went through nine open-heart surgeries in his lifetime and gave Jeff inspiring lesson to conquer, overcome, and survive.

Jeff’s father might have passed away with long struggle, but he left a legacy to follow, and he didn’t let his late father down. Wherever his father soul is resting, he is surely very proud of his blood.