Jet Jurgensmeyer Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Parents and Net Worth

Date: 26 Jul, 2016

Jet Jurgensmeyer Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Parents and Net Worth

Jet Jurgensmeyer is American child actor with enormous acting ability. Born on November 27th 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee, he is well known for his roles in big budget films like American Sniper and Devil’s knot.  He was raised in Nashville by his parents who owned Live music and dinner show restaurant in Nashville and got his first taste of showbiz when he made his television debut with a guest role on CBS television series CSI “ Crime scene Investigation” in 2010 at the age of five.

He then got chance to work in multiple television series as well as movies. In 2012 He was casted in for lead role for “The Little Rascals save the day”. He then signed contract for one of the lead role in Legend of Hidden Temple in which he plays the character of Dudley. His Family has always been supportive of him and has never given up on him. They always seem to help him whet his acting skill.

He already has become hot cake in the industry as child actor and is sure to grow as leading movie star of henceforth generation. At the age of eleven, he has achieved what might look impossible for many others. The child actor is sure to surpass the expectation of many and reach the heights of acting in coming years. It is said that his Instagram account is handled by his parents.

He has been nominated for several awards for his acting abilities. He was nominated for Best performance in voice over role as young actor in for movie Special agent OSO in 2012. He was nominated for best performance in TV series Guest starring actor Ten and Under for Austin and Ally in 2013. He further was nominated for other two awards. Though he hasn’t won any awards but considering his ability, it is just the matter of time before he wins the awards.

According to his bio available on Wikipedia, he has acted in several commercial advertisements before he opted for mainstream acting. The eleven year actor then went on to act in several Television series and movies alongside well known superstars. There is no clear information available on his net worth but it is believed that he is one of the richest kid actor in his age group since he has acted in multiple Television series and Movies as Lead. His Net worth is sure to grow in coming years as his acting ability has earned him roles in high budgeted movies and he is sure to become front line actor in near future.