Joe Nieves Wiki, Bio, Actor, Ethnicity, Wife, Tattoo and Net Worth

Date: 27 Jul, 2016

Joe Nieves Wiki, Bio, Actor, Ethnicity, Wife, Tattoo and Net Worth

Joe Nieves is an American actor best known for his roles in The Bling Ring (2013), Gamer (2006) and How I met your mother (2005). According to wiki he debuted his acting career in 1996 on blackberry Inn. Following annual promotion, he acquired more guest roles in the TV shows starting with Women Stories of Passion. He later on went to appear in series like The X-files, over there, A.U.S.A, C.S.I (crime scene investigation) and many more.

Nieves has made significant name from his role in NYPD blue (1995-2005). He co-starred with actors like Ricky Schroder, Tanya Wright, Esai Morales, Currie Graham and many others. He even got lead role in short lived series Day Break and has multiple recurring roles in series “How I met your mother” since 2005. According to his short Biographies available on Internet, He has been part of huge number of television series and movies.

He was born on 22nd November 1977 in Brooklyn New York. Before he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21, he was in severe financial crisis and sold vacuum cleaners Door to Door. He moved to Los Angeles to give a shot to his acting career where he eventually found the success. He attended Fairleigh Dickinson University for his graduation in New Jersey where he played football as freshmen. Before he rose to fame, he booked several guest starred parts while training in Beverley Hills Playhouse during 2000.

The actor is believed to maintain a rigorous fitness schedule and has athletic body to compliment his acting ability. It is believed that he was student of martial arts as well and is well trained martial artist. The actor is of American descent and Caucasian ethnicity. He has imprinted Tattoo all over his body as revealed by his pictures on Internet. The scores of tattoo include pictures of Gautam Buddha, Eagle and other things as well. It clearly shows his love of tattoo.

His personal life is anonymous to outsiders. He doesn’t share his personal life on any sites. His marital status and information about whether he is married or not, if yes than who is his wife and how many kids does he have still remains obscured. Though there had been certain speculation of him being gay, there is no distinct evidence to check the verity of this claim.

During his long career as actor, He is believed to have gathered huge amount of wealth. The number of short movies and movies in his career established him as settled actor and although his Net worth is not disclosed in his biographies, it is certain that he has made huge money in his long spell of acting career.