Jonny Harris Bio, Married, Girlfriend or Gay, Stand up, Net Worth

Date: 31 Jul, 2016

Jonny Harris Bio, Married, Girlfriend or Gay, Stand up, Net Worth

Jonny Harris is Canadian artist cum comedian of humungous acting ability. The humorous actor mostly recognized for his well-earned reputation as comedian was born in year 1975 in Pouch Cove of Canada. He was born to a father who himself was junior artist in film industry and to a school teacher mother. He has three siblings. Inspired by his father, he started to showcase his talent and prominence as actor from early age. He didn’t catch the eye of teachers as studious student as he was believed to be poor academically. But what he lacked in his studies was well made up by his ability to mimic and his ability to perform the caricature. He started getting noticed in his circle for his acting ability and even started to get suggestion from near and dear ones to give a shot for acting.

Well known among audience for his role in Television series Murdoch Mysteries, he began his acting career as stage artist and was also seen in some of the television series as guest. His short stints at those series and his natural ability to act couldn’t remain camouflaged and surfaced eventually to the notice of many directors. He started receiving offers from different directors and for different role, but his penchant toward comedic roles earned him reputation as comedian artist. He not only has been seen in movies but has caught eyes by his stand-up comedy tours.

His early life as actor began when he worked at rising tide theatre festival at trinity bay, Newfoundland for five summers. He performed at the Winnipeg comedy festival as comedian and at just for laughs festival. He also performed on CBC radio comedy series The Debaters. Currently he has been working in comedy/ Reality show Still Standing for CBC Television. He acted in Television series like Matching and Dispatching and Hatching and in movies like young Triffie, moving day and Grown up movie star.

The comedian was rumored to have many girlfriends and but it is believed that he is dating no one currently. He is assumed not to have married till now and doesn’t have wife and considering his long standing Casanova image it is sure that he is not gay. Though his personal life still remains mystery to many, he has been said to be socially stable and easily amicable kind of person.

His long standing list of success as comedian and actor as per his bio says all about how well he earns. He gets paid well for his roles in his movies and believed to be stable financially. Though there is no clear information about his net worth, it is almost sure that the stability seen in his financial status shows his net worth is good and is certain to grow as he establishes himself as well famed actor in coming years.