Judith Lucy Married, Husband, Partner, Boyfriend, Lesbian

Published On: 13 Mar, 2017

Judith Lucy Married, Husband, Partner, Boyfriend, Lesbian

Delighting personalities with the bundles of fame are often hooked up in ones’ mind. Judith Lucy, an Australia comedian, is warmth with a peculiar set of skills which helped her perform in TV shows and Radio. She is a reputed figure and her work in the field of acting is outstanding. Passionate about acting and writing is her key to a luxury life. A well-known veteran comedian and writer is her fame. She stuck in thousands of peoples’ mind as a stand-up comedian, actress, host and a seasoned author.


Judith began to sharpen her acting in late 80’s (1989). At the age of 20, she moved to Melbourne, where she got a first chance to act in a live comedy show. She eventually began to rise in the acting field after that and got actively involved in several comedy shows. At late 90’s, even her comedy album “King of the Road” got nominated for ARIA Award.

She co-starred with Denise Scott and Lynda Gibson in multiple comedy shows. She joined to ABC TV IN 1993. She co-starred with Mick Molly in two movies “Crackerjack (2002) “& “Bad Eggs (2003)”.Her show “The Spiral” made debut in Melbourne Comedy Festival. She began working with film critic Jason Di Rosso for hosting ABC-TV show in 2013.

Personal Life:

Judith has never disclosed about her life in any sorts of media. With her untold nature, she never revealed about her husband and spoke a word about her married life. It’s still a mystery about her dating partner and is a lesbian. She makes a smart move and doesn't want to indulge in any sorts of rumors regarding her personal affairs.

She is a least passionate to the social network making more doubtful for revealing her secret lifestyle. Lots of queries regarding her past and present boyfriend are still unspoken words. Lots of people mention her as a funny woman on TV. Also in real life, she passes funny comment on the serious question asked on her personal topic and made it look like an act.

Not only had that she never shared any sorts of information regarding her birth parents. Their entire identity is still a big question mark. But her adopted parents were originated from Ireland. Later migrated to Australia and got settled down.

Short Bio and Net Worth:

Judith Lucy conceived on 25 March 1968, Perth, Australia. Her age is 48 years and has a sibling named as Niall Lucy. Beyond her adopted parent, she has a good contact with Jan (birth mother). She is a blooming stand-up comedian possessing a unique image.

She is a travel-loving human who parties in a freak way. She is associated to plenty of professions as well. On that aspect, her salary and external sources of income seem to be millions. But her exact amount of net worth and assets are still under reviewed.