Kendu Isaacs Net Worth

Date: 05 Jun, 2016

Kendu Isaacs Net Worth

Kendu Isaacs is a song writer's manager. He is at the age of 47. He is currently living with his wife and children.

Isaacs met first time with Mary J. Blige, R & B singer, and star in 2000. After few years of love life, they married on December 7, 2003, in a small ceremony in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. The couple is recognizable for having too many public fights where things have even skyrocketed having physical. Isaacs was punched in the face by his wife at her record release party at club M2 Furthermore in 2012; Isaacs was accused of cheating on Blige. Blige was in an affair with Mary's label mate, Starshell. Despite such fights and quarrels, the couple has not split up yet. Even there are no rumors about this couple having a divorce. But there is some news which has been burning on many sites. It is about their public fights.

Issacs supported her wife and helped her get through her drug and alcohol addictions. Her wife claims that he saved her life. There is real love between this love birds, but they always face misunderstanding. Isaacs wife confessed that she could not believe she is married to such a kind man.

Isaacs has three children two daughters named Briana Isaacs Jordan Isaacs and a son named Nas from his previous wife. His previous wife name is not known till now. Isaacs does not have any kid from his wife, Blige. We are unaware of the couple not having the baby; despite such busy schedule, the couple has been able to give time for their kids. Isaacs daughter once tweeted that she was pregnant and homeless.

Isaacs's net worth is not revealed yet.  But we can assume that his net worth is high since he is a successful man. He might be getting the good salary from his work.

Isaacs is active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is not much information about him in sites. You can connect to our sites to get more wiki on him. His fans and followers are increasing day by day.