Lou Dobbs Salary or Net Worth

Published On: 19 Jun, 2016

Lou Dobbs Salary or Net Worth

People who are interested in journalism field might know Lou Dobbs as intriguing personality. Dobbs is one of the few journalists who has won all three (Emmy, Cable ACE, and Peabody) awards. If you remember, he had run the show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on CNN previously. Born on September 24, 1945, in Texas, Dobbs did not exactly want to be a journalist at his young age but did it anyhow. He is the graduate student of Harvard University and majored in Economics. His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Though his current employer, Fox News Channel has not disclosed his annual salary, it has been guessed in around several hundred thousand dollars.

Lou started his journalism career from KBLU where he worked as police and fire reporter. He worked various TV channels in 1970s such as Phoenix, KING-TV, and CNN. When he joined CNN in 1980, he was 35 years old with the zeal to do something for the country. His first job in CNN was chief economics correspondent and the host for “Moneyline.” Later, he became a corporate executive and executive vice president of the channel as well. Because of the tension between him and Rick Kaplan, the-then president of CNN, he left the channel in 1999 and established the new company named “”

After Kaplan left in 2000, Lou returned to CNN as managing editor and host of the popular program “Lou Dobbs Reporting.” His popular program “Lou Dobbs Tonight” launched in 2003. In 2009, Lou decided to leave the channel to grab the new opportunities. Though many thought that it is the result of the heat between Lou and the organization, no information has come up till today.

After leaving CNN, he joined United Stations Radio Networks. From 2011, his new show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” started to broadcast from Fox Business Network. Despite all his successes, Lou is often known for his controversial comments. Inclination towards Republican and opposition about illegal immigration has brought him in many controversies till now. Lou is also the author of several books, and you can find about his views in Wikipedia as well.

Caption: Lou Dobbs, and his second wife, Debi Lee Segura.
Source: DamnMexicans

Lou has been married twice. He married for the first time in 1969 with his high school girlfriend, Kathy Wheeler. Their married life ended in 1981 and Lou later got married to Debi Lee Segura in 1982. His wife, Lee is the former sports anchor of CNN. The couple has got four children and resides in New Jersey on a 300-acre horse farm.

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