Mally Mall Wiki, Married, Girlfriend, Dating, Affairs, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Published On: 16 Dec, 2017

Mally Mall Wiki, Married, Girlfriend, Dating, Affairs, Net Worth, Ethnicity

It takes a huge effort and lot of hard work to establish a name for oneself in any profession. Mally Mal, a famous rapper and music producer, has become a force to reckon in the music realm through his works with excellent artists. The rapper, whose real name is Jamal Hasid, has created quite a hype amongst the audience with his label ‘Mally Mal Music.’ 

Music in his Blood!

Mally Mall became famous after he started his label ‘Mally Mall Music’ and ‘Future Music.’ He has worked in the lights of many top-rated artists like Snoop Dog, Tyga, Drake, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and many more.

Caption: Mally Mal with Justin Bieber.

With music and rapping in his genes, the artist has taken the industry by storm. Not only limiting himself in rapping, but the artist is also responsible for creating and producing musical albums.

From rapping to producing top quality music, Mally is genuinely focused on his achievements and his contribution to the genres of music. Some of his notable and appreciated tracks are ‘Drop Bands on it’ and ‘Wake Up In It’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by the public.

How much is Mally Mal Net Worth?

Mally Mal has been able to build a territory for himself and has worked with many artists. The self-made man has earned enough fortune and is living a lavish lifestyle. With all his contribution to the art of music, Mally has been able to make a net worth of $20 Million.

His On and Off Relationship with Nikki!

Mally has been in the news for his on and off relationship with girlfriend, Nikki Mudaris. It had only been some years of togetherness when the sudden story of their break up started circulating in the news headlines.

Sources claimed that Mally hooked up with his ex-girlfriend, Masika Kalysha while he was still dating Nikki. Although she had no problem with her ex’s current relationship, she was quite amused about his dishonesty with Nikki which she shared in a video.

Caption: Mally Mall and ex-girlfriend, Nikk Mudaris.

The relationship between the two partners became even worse when a sex tape of Mally and Nikki was leaked on the internet in September 2015. Nikki blasted Mally for leaking the video, but he always said that someone hacked his Icloud account and leaked the video.

As of now, the news on his relationship has started appearing less in the gossip columns. However, it would be wonderful to see the artist fall seriously in love with someone and get married.

His Short Bio:

Mally Mal was born on July 7, 1977, in California, the United States as per his wiki. There is very less information about his family and educational background on media. Mally is half-Brazilian and an Egyptian so he belongs to mixed ethnicity. The artist is 6 feet 2 inches tall and possesses a healthy body structure.