Matt Carriker Age, Net Worth, Bio, Family

Date: 11 Jun, 2018

Matt Carriker Age, Net Worth, Bio, Family

The YouTube sensation Matt Carriker is mostly known by his name 'Demo Ranch.' He owns a family vet clinic and dedicates the story of veterinarians on his YouTube channel Vet Ranch. He has three YouTube channels in which he devotes the entertainment, sports, and animal news. The YouTube star, who has huge followers on social media, made his first movie called Strain 100 in 2017.

How Does Matt Carriker Accumulate Net Worth?

Matt Carriker has amassed his net worth from his career as the YouTube star since 2007. According to Socialblaze, his YouTube channel, DemolitionRanch has the estimated monthly income of $7.1K - $113.1K whereas it's estimated yearly earnings range from $84.8K - $1.4M. Matt is receiving lucrative revenue from his YouTube channel through which his net worth has increased gradually.

Likewise, he is also generating earnings from his second YouTube channel called Vet Ranch since January 2014. As per Socialblade, his YouTube channel falls under B category with estimated monthly earnings of $921 - $14.7K. His channel's yearly income is expected to range from $11.1K - $176.9K. 

Similarly, his third channel titled OffTheRanch has also helped the YouTube star to increase his net worth. As per the Socialblade, his third YouTube channel has estimated monthly earnings of $2.4K - $38.5K and his yearly payrolls range between $28.9K - $461.8K. Matt Carriker is enjoying his net worth in more than millions of dollars from his three YouTube channels.

Since the creation of Matt's entertainment channel OffTheRanch on 15 April 2007, it has gathered more than 23 million video views and 1.8 million of subscribers. His main channel, DemolitionRanch is mostly focused on sports. DemolitionRanch, which he created on 3 January 2011, has garnered more than 71 million video views along with 5.3 million subscribers. He joined Vet Ranch on 28 January 2014, and the channel has more than 27 million video views along with 2.1 million subscribers.

Matt Carriker's Married Life; Rejoicing With His Family 

Matt Carriker is married to Meredith 'Mere' Carriker. The couple, who met during their history class in 10th grade, fell in love at first sight. However, Matt had a girlfriend, and Meredith used to have a boyfriend. They ditched their respective partners and stayed together waxing their relationship. The couple engaged way back in 2007 with a resolute to exert their relationship to next step together.

Matt and his wife Mere has three little gems to nourish, their two daughters named Adalyn Carriker and Annie Carriker and a son named Abby Carriker. The YouTuber, who loves to share his personal life on social media, has also posted the snaps and his videos alongside his wife and children. In a video posted on his YouTube channel OffTheRanch on 3 May 2017, he shared the photo of a family of five alongside their cute little bulldog.

Matt Carriker and his wife, Mere Carriker alongside their children (Photo:

Matt and Mere attended the summer concert of Brandon Lay in May 2018. The YouTube star went on-stage with his wife before the gig started and shared the snaps of them on 20 May 2018 on Instagram. Later at night, they enjoyed the concert where Matt wore the Vortex AR optics T-shirt.

Recently, on 7 June 2018, Matt celebrated his wife's birthday. The YouTuber shared the news of his wife's birthday a day later on his Instagram. In his caption, Matt said he realized at his age 32, he and his wife were twice as old since their initial meeting in 10th grade. Matt and his family are rejoicing their lifestyle residing in the San Antonio area in Texas.

Short Bio

Matt was born on 21 October 1986 in the city of Texas. He dedicated his YouTube vlog channel called OffTheRanch to himself and his family. Matt studied Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and graduated in 2008 from the Texas A&M University, as per wiki.