Nikki Taylor, Teyana Taylor's Mother: Wiki, Age, Kids, Family, Sister, Net Worth

Updated On: 08 May, 2018

Nikki Taylor, Teyana Taylor's Mother: Wiki, Age, Kids, Family, Sister, Net Worth

Nikki Taylor is best known as the mother of American singer Teyana Taylor. She is the manager of her daughter who played a major role to make her daughter a successful actress and musician. 

Taylor raised her daughter as a single parent and encouraged her to participate in a talent competition at an early age. 

How Much Is Nikki Taylor's Net Worth?

Nikki has amassed an estimated net worth of $3 million. She derived prominent part of her net worth as a manager of her singer daughter, Teyana, who possesses estimated net worth of $5 million. She manages and schedules all of her musical events. She portrays a backstage role to boost up her daughter's career in music, TV, and film. Likewise, she has also made money as a make-up artist and a photographer for her daughter. On her own, she is also a successful store owner. 

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a Private Client Manager in the US is $68,135 in the United States. Not only Nikki is a reliable manager for Teyana, but she is also her mother. Her daughter's booming career has increased her fortune.  

Nikki lives an extravagant lifestyle, which is exhibited in her Instagram's pictures. She is a fashion enthusiast and posts pictures wearing high fashion apparels.

Family Affairs: Former Husband's Multiple Children

Teyana is the only biological daughter of Nikki Taylor. However, she has many siblings from her father side. Teyana has acknowledged her dad's personal matter. In a 2010 interview, she said,

“I’m an only child on my mom’s side, she was a single parent. I have 2 brothers and a lil sister on my father’s side. My older brother Rich is 19, I’m 18, my younger brother Tito is 17 about to be 18, and my little sister diamond is 11 or 12. You see me and my brothers are tight in age… see what I’m getting at? My dad was pretty much out there with the women. I’m cool with all of my dad’s baby mothers though… and my dad just had another baby by another shorty. Sometimes I think, man how you gonna keep having babies when u can’t take care of the ones you got?? Lolol… and he’s only like 35 or 36 years old. ”

The significant love between the mother and daughter is often demonstrated by her Instagram posts. She celebrated her birthday in 2016 in a 1970's theme with the help of her daughter.

Nikki gave birth to Teyana in December 1990 and raised her as a single parent in the family. She is an example of a perfect mother. She encouraged her daughter to compete in multiple talent competitions when her daughter was young. She has a granddaughter from her daughter's marriage to Sacramento Kings' star Iman Shumpert, an American pro basketball player.  

According to, Teyana's husband was present in their home when she went into labor in the bathroom a month before her due date. Her father reportedly delivered the baby in their home in 2015.

New Boyfriend?

According to her Instagram, Nikki is currently in a relationship with BoeMoney.BoeMoney is associated with Taylormade Management Group through which Nikki manages her daughter's career and income.

She posted a picture with BoeMoney in 2018's Valentines Day, writing she loved him every day

Nikki with her boyfriend BoeMoney on Valentine's day 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

The couple is reportedly dating each other since 2016. Nikki's Instagram holds numerous pictures with BoeMoney.

Short Bio

Nikki was born on 19 August but her exact birth year is undisclosed. She has a sister named Ayesha Mitchell, as per wiki. She wished her sister on the occasion of her birthday on 24 April 2018 through her Instagram