Olivia Brown Wiki, Bio, Husband, Divorce and Net Worth

Date: 19 Aug, 2016

Olivia Brown Wiki, Bio, Husband, Divorce and Net Worth

Olivia Brown can be known as a German American actress who has already reached the age of fifty five. She was born on the tenth of April in the year of 1960. Despite of being born in Frankfurt in the West Germany, Olivia was raised in Michigan (USA). Her family brought a turning point in Olivia’s life when they took her to California as they moved their family to California. Though more about her family and how her childhood went has not been mentioned in many a places, we have come to know that Olivia had a brother with whom she shared her childhood mischiefs with. Her parents raised them both in good health! She went to Santa Monica High School and further gained her academic qualifications. Nothing about how she found interest to get into the field of entertainment and acting hasn’t been known, but it seems that her choice of career has proven to be right for her.

Olivia must have been interested to get into acting because like most of us, she used to love watching movies and loved how celebrities got huge fame and popularity. She decided to pursue her career as an actress and started out back in 1979; since then, she has been contributing to the industry as far as possible. She can be found to have played various roles that made her look amazing on the screens. People have loved her role as Detective Trudy Joplin that they could see in Miami Vice and Vanessa for Designing Women. These are the roles that she got in the initial days of her career and she still feels grateful that she got the chance to act in such works.

Olivia’s net worth has not been accumulated as such to be published, but we can speculate by the works she has done to be a good amount. She is hot and has a sexy height of five feet and seven inches. She carries her personality with her confident posture although the personality of the characters from her movies is found to be attached with her appearances. Apart from the television shows that she has worked for, she has also worked in films like Throw Momma from the Train, Streets of Fire, All Tied Up and 48 Hrs. These movies have helped her to be known among good directors and producers and also among her followers and fans.

Olivia doesn’t have a long list of boyfriend she has dated when she was young or in the recent years. However, she has been married twice. She was married to Mykelti Williamson for two years and their marriage ended by a divorce causing them to go their separate ways. We can’t tell how her relationship with his first husband was like! But we have found that the name of James Okonkwo is mentioned as being related to Olivia as the father of her two children. To know more about Olivia Brown, her biography in the Wikipedia and in the website of IMDb can be read.