Patrick Starr Wiki: Age, Gender, Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Date: 27 Feb, 2018

Patrick Starr Wiki: Age, Gender, Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth

It is essential to have a balanced and ambitious nature to transform yourself into a successful personality. Well, for Patrick Starr, he got the little of both from his parents and turned himself into an ambitious multitasking entrepreneur. If you couldn't recognize by the name itself, Patrick Starr is a professional makeup guru and a beauty blogger who has put the internet by the storm. His most watched videos on the internet are, “The Power of Makeup” and collaboration with the Contour queen, Kim Kardashian.

From Make-up Loving Teen to YouTube Businessman!

Patrick Starr is a Filipino-American YouTube beauty blogger working as a professional makeup freelance artist. 

As per the source, while he was in high school, he was very much indulged in photography and did headshots for his friend doing theatre, and that was when he realized that he could perfect a picture by removing blemishes, contouring and shaping the brows. And this was when his interest in makeup started to spark up.

He worked as a freelance photographer in Panera and a hair and makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics. While working there, he would play with makeup and would totally fascinate about the power of powder. After sometime Patrick worked in Sephora and one day he was asked to remove the makeup and to wear a “boy glam.” Well, now, he is one of the most trending beauty gurus in YouTube and owns a nail polish line called Formula X and has his pictures advertised all over Sephora.

On 6 November 2017, Starr launched his makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics which includes a new translucent powder. No wonder the sets are selling like hotcakes!

Patrick Starr Married to Manny MUA?

On 15 November 2016, Patrick left his Instagram family with utter shock and delight at the same time when he shared a wedding picture with the fellow Beauty You Tuber, Manny Gutierrez who is famous by his internet name, Manny MUA.

However, from the YouTube video of Starr, it was later revealed that the picture was just an introduction to his new makeup tutorial which was themed on the bridal makeup look. After the news was revealed, most of their fan following felt heartbroken and fooled at the same time.

Now talking about his love life, no news about his relationship has hit the headlines of the wiki sources yet. Even Starr, despite his popularity and massive success on the internet, has failed to disclose about his boyfriend or even husband.

Starr, an LGBT Babe!

Patrick is a first Filipino transgender makeup artist who has outshined his career and is entirely down to earth. He has openly accepted about his sexuality on a twitter post on 3 August 2017.

Patrick Starr is the first Filipino Transgender Beauty Blogger

How much is Starr’s Net worth?

The Filipino Internet Sensation is very much in demand and is trending all over the media. He has achieved his passion and excelled in the field. Starr as of today is one of the most looked up to and successful makeup with humongous net worth.

Short Bio:

Patrick Starr aged 28 was born in 1989 in Orlando, Florida and celebrates his birthday on 11 November every year. He was born to a nurse mother and entrepreneur father as Patrick Simondac and comes from a Filipino background. Patrick is the oldest son in his family and is blessed with two other siblings, Peter and Paul.

As per the wiki source, Patrick after his High School followed his passion for becoming a professional photographer. He is one talented personality in the makeup industry and is a self-confident being. Despite gaining a massive weight, he does not concern over body shaming and is self-assured.