Pettifleur Berenger Net Worth

Published On: 23 Jun, 2016

Pettifleur Berenger Net Worth

If you have watched “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”, you certainly remember the hot and beautiful Pettifleur Berenger. Berenger has the net worth of $15 million. Interesting!!! If you may, she has not earned those riches just only be appearing on the TV. She is the multi-talented person who has been engaged in a different profession at the same time.

Besides being the star of television reality show, she is also known as the property developer and she is very good at it as well. She is also an Ambassador of Bullyzero. And, it might come as a surprise for you as she is also the author of a book called “Switch the Bitch”.

Because of her glamorous persona and exotic figure, there are many fan followers around the world. Her down to earth behavior and ambitious nature has helped her to reach in this height. Though she has been successful in her career, same cannot be said about her married life. Married and divorced twice, she is the mother of three kids (sons). Recently, she has also announced that she will not get married again. Probably, she doesn't want to have a husband. Despite the fact, she has been residing with her partner, Frank Palazzo, who happens to be a businessman and children since 2006.

You may have supposed that she was born in Australia. But the truth is she was not from Australia. Her parents gave birth to her in Sri-Lanka. Because of her unique name many have asked her about the meaning of her name. Let us spill the beans for you. It goes long back to her parents when they decided to name her daughter referring to the music instrument called “Petite Fleur”. To make the name unique, her mother later changed it to Pettifleur.

Though born in Sri-Lanka, her parents migrated to Australia when she was a teenager. Today, she calls herself as an Australian and she is proud of that. She authored the book to make people aware of the emotional turmoil which can give them a pain.

You certainly love her figure. But did you realize that she has crossed her five decades? Yes, she has just reached 51 from 2016. As she has properly maintained her body, many people think she is in her thirties. With all ups and downs, she has really made her journey exciting. Though her biography is not available in Wikipedia, you can find more about her on her official website.