Rob Brydon Married Second Wife Despite Three Children Family, Why?

Published On: 12 Jul, 2018

Rob Brydon Married Second Wife Despite Three Children Family, Why?

Rob Brydon concealed the entire subject of his breakup from ex-wife in his autobiography. He initially refused to discuss the topic of his split in any of his interviews. But the Welsh actor has spilled the beans and has revealed behind the reason for his divorce. In this article, we present you all the details of his first wife and second wife and how did he undergo his traumatic moment after the separation from his first wife.

Met In Cardiff Pub With First Wife; Traumatic Experience After Divorce

Rob Brydon and his first wife, Martina Fitchie met each other in a pub in Cardiff. The Welsh actor used to work at the Radio Wales while Martina's sister was a producer. The pair commenced their dating and after a while moved to London. Martina is a former nanny and worked in London, while the pair strengthened their relationship. They got married and had three children together.

The estranged couple welcomed their first child, a daughter Katie Brydon in August 1994. Within four years of their first child, they embraced their second daughter, Amy Brydon in July 1998. Their third child, a son named Harry Brydon was born on October 1996.

Amidst their three children, the $3 million worth Welsh actor, could not stay in terms with his Martina and split with her in 2000. The 53-year-old comedian insisted their divorce was mutual and described his divorce as the nicest divorce ever.

He later admitted he had a traumatic experience after the separation from his first wife. Even in his autobiography, Small Man in a Book, he left the entire subject of his breakup from ex-wife and initially refused to discuss it in any of his interviews.

Finally Reveals Reason Of Divorce With First Wife; Children Shares Good Bond With His Family

The Cinderella actor has opened up the endeavors of his journey of the pain and trauma in the aftermath of his divorce from his first wife. He became depressed and exhausted after he separated from Martina. Before their mutual divorce agreement, the estranged duo knew that their relationship wasn't going to work anymore. They ended their relationship and decided to move on their respective life.

In an interview with The Times in March 2017, he revealed that they lost excitement in their marriage which resulted in divorce. The actor also added,

We both wanted it to happen. We had three children, so of course, I looked on it as a bloody failure, but I have friends who’ve been through divorces that make my miraculous hair curl. My experience, while at times hugely upsetting, was nothing like that – it’s amicable, it flows. Our kids are older now and all my kids love each other and think of themselves as brothers and sisters.

Rob's children from ex-wife, Katie, Amy, and Harry lives with their mother Martina just a couple of miles from their father's home. The Welsh actor is cherishing a good bond with his family of three. They spend most of their weekends with him and his second wife, Claire Holland.

The comedian of the stand-up show, Rob Brydon: I Am Standing Up picks his daughter Amy from drama club. His elder son, Harry mostly plays football. His eldest daughter, Katie is also sharing a good bond with her father's new family. His three children also enjoy the home visit and the meal of their step-mother, Clarie.

TV Producer Second Wife; Has Two Sons Together

Rob Brydon and TV producer, Claire Holland met each other on a set of the TV show, The South Bank Show. The Welsh actor married Claire as his second wife in 2006. The duo tied a knot at Windsor church on 6 October 2006.

Together with Clarie, Rob resided in Strawberry Hills, an affluent area of the London Borough of Richmond upon the Thames in Twickenham. With his second wife, The Trip star has two children.

Within two years of their espoused life, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Tom Brydon in April 2008. Their second son, George Brydon was born in June 2011. Rob confirmed George birth from his Twitter and said that he had a two-week absence from social networking site due to the arrival of his second son, his fifth child.

Rob Brydon and his second wife, Clarie Holland attends the 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala Party at the Corinthia Hotel London on 13 November 2011 in London, England (Photo:

The Glamorgan, Wales native is a family man and has firm resolve to strengthen his bond with his second wife watching his all five legacies. His two sons are now at the age of 11 and nine respectively. 

Rob's Family Life; Car Dealer Father, Teacher Mother

Rob was born to his parents Howard Jones and Joy Jones. His father, Howard was a car dealer whereas mother Joy taught at school. She also did a lot of jobs in South Wales. He sharpened his comedy skill from his parents as he exalts his mother's sharpness and the jocularity from his father.

He also has a younger brother, Peter Jones with whom he grew up in Baglan, Neath Port Talbot, Wales. His family first lived in Port Talbot but later shifted to Porthcawl, where Rob transferred to the local comprehensive school.