Sian Reese-Williams Bio: Husband, Boyfriend, Family

Published On: 01 Jul, 2018

Sian Reese-Williams Bio: Husband, Boyfriend, Family

Sian Reese-Williams is an Award-winning Welsh actress known for ITV's long-running soap opera, Emmerdale. She is also a former member of National Youth Music Theatre of Britain. She won the 'BBC Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance in a Musical' at Covent Garden for her role in musical, The Dreaming.

On-Screen Dating; Revealed Boyfriend In Interview

In the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Sian played the role of Gennie Walker and was dating Jamie Hope, which was portrayed by English actor, Alex Carter. As a couple, the pair even had an on-screen kiss in Emmerdale. When Jamie first decided to ask Gennie for a date, he didn't know Gennie had a secret. She had slept with his dad Bob and had mourned over it. 

In an interview with Ok! magazine in September 2009, Sian also talked about their character and said that Jamie and Gennie were made for each other. Sian and Alex are also close friends in real life. However, Alex found their on-screen kiss weird as Sian was going out with one of his best friends.

Sian Reese-Williams and Alex Carter on-screen kiss in 'Emmerdale' (Photo:

She also confirmed Alex's statement and said that she has a boyfriend who is Alex's mate. Further, she said that she finds on-screen kiss with Jamie awkward. However, as of June 2018, there is no any information about Sian's mysterious boyfriend. Well, her love life is something that's kept inside a closed box.

On-Screen Husband In 'Emmerdale'

Gennie Walker and Nikhil Sharma were married-couple in the ITV's soap opera, Emmerdale. English actor, Rik Makarem played the character of Sian's on-screen husband. They also had an on-screen baby, Molly. But her character, Genesis was killed on 25 July 2013 following a car accident which marked her departure from ITV.

Sian Reese-Williams as Gennie Walker, and her on-screen husband, Rik Makarem as Nikhil Sharma with their on-screen baby Molly in 'Emmerdale' (Photo:

The actress also talked about her departure and confirmed that her decision to leave has nothing to do with Emmerdale. She also described that she is honored to be a part of an iconic show for five years and will always cherish it. She added it was a right time for her to say goodbye and find new challenges.

How Does Sian Reese-Williams Gather Net Worth?

Sian Reese-Williams has gathered her net worth from her career as a Welsh theatre and television actress. She has gathered revenues from ITV Studios as she has starred in 597 episodes of British soap opera, Emmerdale from 2008 to 2013. Likewise, her BBC London Theatre Award-winning role in 2001 musical, The Dreaming has also served to raise her fortunes.

Sian started her acting career in 2008 with a role of Genesis Walker in ITV's soap opera Emmerdale. Sian featured in 2016 Welsh crime drama, Hinterland with a character of Manon. In 2017, she starred in BAFTA Award-winning series, 35 Diwrnod as Sara.

Sian also played Trudy in the six episodes of 2017 Netflix drama, Requiem. She also emerged in 2017 Welsh drama series, Craith portraying the character of D.I. Cadi John. Her notable theatre appearances include Children of Fate and Enjoy at the Bussey Building and West Yorkshire Playhouse respectively. 

Short Bio

Sian Reese-Williams was born on 18 November 1981 in Glanamman, Wales. She spent her early days in Swansea and moved to Brecon, Mid Wales with her family in 1985. Sian has a height of 1.58 m (5' 2 ½") and is of Welsh descent. She currently resides in South London, England.