Taylor Hackford Net Worth

Date: 30 May, 2017

Started his directing career as a documentary maker for a public TV (KCET-TV) in L.A., Academy Award winning director Taylor Hackford has enjoyed an unprecedented fruitful career. He has directed many movies in his lifetime career. Some of his great work has even been nominated for Oscar. His direction has led so many actors to win the Oscar like Jamie Foxx and Gossett.

Career and Progression:

As a high-spirited young graduate, Taylor went on to serve the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Bolivia for two years. However, his life changed when he developed familiarity with Super 8 Film during his spare time. Later, he moved back to the States, where he happily took a small mailroom job at KECT-TV.

Later, he went on to transition himself from an Emmy-winning KECT-TV investigative reporter and journalist to an acclaimed documentary producer and television producer. In the year 1978, he left the station and created the Academy award-winning dramatic short movie masterpiece which we know as Teenage Father, for which he interviewed a large number of the teenage father in real life.

In addition to sharp personality and high work ethic, he had an immense understanding of politics and law since an early age. He excelled in almost everything from singing in the chorus, earning sound grades and impressing his fellow mates with his basketball tricks to being on the top of the list of the USC's social scene as the Top Male Student. He was even elected the president of USC's Undergraduate Student Government in his senior year.

What is Hackford's Net Worth?

This amazing personality has earned a lot of name, fame, and money in his life. He earns a lot from his movies due to which he has a Jaw dropping net worth of $30 Million dollars. He lives in New Orleans in his expensive Bungalow and has a luxurious lifestyle. He has an extensive collection of cars that may cost millions. Having that much net worth and so luxurious lifestyle does not come from anything. However, it was only his dedication, hard work, and passion that made him a successful.

Directing Blockbuster movie that crosses hundreds of million is a pure talent that Taylor Hackford has. Due to which he has become so successful from nothing. Even though he hadn't made movies as his dream, he got success in this field.

Is Taylor Married or Divorced?

Now, talking about his personal life, it is difficult to see. He has been married three times and has been divorced twice. Yes, this successful person had gone through series of sadness. He first married his beautiful wife Georgia Lowres in 1970. Their relation had one son Rio Hackford. They got divorced in 1975. After two years he married the gorgeous Lynne Littman. Their relationship lasted ten years, and they got divorced in 1987. Their beautiful relationship also had one son Alexander.

Finally, he married after ten years in 1997. This time he got married to beautiful Helen Mirren who is an Academy Award winning actress. Their marriage hasn't gone under any divorce cases; even they didn't have any fight till date. They had 12 years long relationship due to which they are living a happy life together. Even though they don't have any children, they seem to be happy in their beautiful life.  So, there is no chance of him being a gay.

Short Bio:

The famous director Taylor Hackford was born on 31st December 1944. He was born in Santa Barbara, California, U.S. He got graduated from the University of Southern California. He was born in a working class family. Having an American Nationality Taylor falls under white ethnicity. The 73-year-old director doesn't look so old and has an attractive personality. His work has made millions of fans around the world. He has a towering height of 6 feet and 2 Inches. He has a healthy body.