Tom Ackerley Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth

Published On: 22 May, 2017

Tom Ackerley Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth

He was an unknown assistant director at the time he came to the limelight in 2016. Tom Ackerley is an assistant director and a producer who has worked in the movies like The Brothers Grimsby and Macbeth. He became a center of attention and a subject of several magazines and tabloids when Margot Robbie revealed that she had married this handsome young man.

What has He Worked on Till Now?

Although unknown to many people about who he might be, there are chances that you have watched some of his movies.  As an assistant director, he has worked on the movies like Rush, Macbeth, MI-5, and The Brothers Grimsby. He has also worked in many other movies and television series as a crew, a producer, and a second unit director.

He co-owns a production company with his wife Margot Robbie and two other childhood friends named LuckyChap. They have already worked on some projects successfully and has two movies I, Tonya and Terminal on post-production.

Tom Ackerley’s Net Worth:

The assistant director has yet to learn a lot before coming out himself as a director. He must have accumulated a handsome net worth from his career as an assistant to several directors. He has been a crew to many movies and series in a relatively short span of his career.

His wife Margot Robbie is an accomplished actress. She has a net worth of around $8 million dollars. They frequently travel together and recently enjoyed a picnic in Hawaii.

How Did He Meet Margot?

Well, some jobs have its own perks. Tom was working on the set of a war drama Suite Française in 2013. The handsome and charming lad caught the eye of the actress at the very first look. The started dating soon after, and after just one year into the relationship, the started their production company.

In the December of 2016, the actress flashed the diamond ring on her finger and revealed that she had married despite no previous announcement of their engagement. The best looking guy in London as referred by is then girlfriend managed to keep the affair and engagement a secret for a long time.

They had been dating for almost three years before deciding to get hitched. The union has worked very well as a business as well as life partner. After getting married to his longtime girlfriend and partner, he has also achieved success in his career and is involved in several movie projects. Although, the work on the different sides of the camera, they are both passionate towards movies and each other.

Wiki-Like Bio:

Tom Ackerley is of the same age as his wife although he hasn't revealed much regarding his birthday. He was born to the white parents in England. The British National belongs the white ethnicity. Just as described by his wife, he is a very handsome guy with a good sense of humor. He has an incredible body shape and measurement and stands quite tall with a proper height.