Tracy Grimshaw Net Worth

Published On: 05 Jun, 2016

Tracy Grimshaw Net Worth

The wiki of Tracy Grimshaw with her introduction as an Australian television presenter and journalist. She is the host and anchor of a show called ‘A Current Affair’ and also, she worked as a co-host of ‘Today’ for whole nine years. Her career started in the year 1981 when she 1st joined the news channel called ‘National News’ in Melbourne and worked there as a reporter. She started presenting news bulletins in the year 1985, and by 1987, she had already been appointed as the presenter of the same channel.

She was born on 3rd of June in 1960 and has already reached the age of 55. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia. She reported on overseas events in the early 1990s for the ‘Nine Networks’ and also, reported for ‘A Current Affair.'

She also hosted the program on the summer rating time. She also made an appearance as a co-host of the show called ‘The Midday Show’ along with David Reyne in the year 1995. The next year she also hosted for ‘Today on Saturday’ and ‘Animal Hospital.' She was the co-host of the show called ‘Today’ along with Steve Liebmann in November 1996 where she worked for long nine years.

She was later replaced by Jessica Rowe after finishing her role in Today on 23rd of December of 2005. Then, she started presenting in ‘A Current Affair’ by replacing Ray Martin on 30th of January, 2006. She got badly injured in a horse riding accident on May 7 of 2015 which is believed to be at her property in Sydney. She was immediately rushed to the Westmead hospital within 7 minutes.

She is a highly scandalous lesbian personality who has portrayed a figure of Australian diva. It is rumored that she is the ex-wife of Gardon Ramsay. Later, an interview with his husband, Gardon made good news in the field.

She is single today, has no boyfriend and not dating anyone and her children are also not verified. It doesn't seem that she is interested in getting married. She is always filled with controversies of multiple issues. Sometimes, with her plastic surgery and sometimes, with her sexual relationships with multiple partners.

All of her achievements, as well as her controversies, have her so famous and popular that she has earned such a high salary of net worth for herself. She has been one of the most successful personalities in the field of anchoring and achieved a good height of fame with the weight of her words and presentation.