Ali Abdelaziz Wiki, Age, Net Worth Details

By Chakrit Subedi | Published On: 25 Nov, 2019
Ali Abdelaziz Wiki, Age, Net Worth Details

Ali Abdelaziz has excelled in the field of managing fighters. When it comes to chisel their weakness and mold them into the mighty beast, Ali's expertise is noticed widely. He has been a professional fighter before and had the collective experience of being inside the ring.

Besides, Ali has also developed functional networks and contacts in the fighting industry. It helps him to deal tactfully and arrange contracts for his fighters, which in result, gives a fair amount of profit for his company, Dominance MMA Management.

Ali Abdelaziz Wiki And Age

One of the top business executives and CEO, Ali Abdelaziz, has been managing top-class fighters for decades. He has led several MMA fighters like Renzo Gracie, Cody Garbrandth, and Anthony Johnson.

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He was born on 4 December 1977, in the United States. According to his birth date, his horoscope is Sagittarius. Apart from that, Ali has an astounding height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.7 meters) and a weight of 69.85 kg.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ali Abdelaziz hasn't been disclosed yet. Nevertheless, he has established himself as one of the most successful managers in the sports business.

So many fight promoters, event managers, and brand marketer approach him with the lucrative deal in exchange for his top professional fighters. Not long ago, in November, he turned down a $2 million offer of 50 cents to trade Khabib Nurmagomedov from UFC to his organization Bellator MMA.

Ali Abdelaziz(left) with Khabib Burmagomedov (Photo:-

In exchange for 2 million dollars, he demanded at least 50 million for lightweight champion Khabib, who has the impressive unbeaten record as a pro with 26 wins. 

What Happened To Ali Abdelaziz? Banned?

While Ali's strength and skills have made him one of the successful managers in the professional fighting industry, it has also brought negative consequences in his day to day life.

Well, the incident that occurred at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Friday, June 2019 between Abdelaziz and his fellow MMA Manager, Ibrahim Kawa, was clear evidence of his menacing nature.

There he reportedly biffed Ibrahim Kawa with his open palm. Kawa’s client and former UFC lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, told ESPN’s Marc Raimondi that Abdelaziz slapped Kawa two times.

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As Ali was about to walk out from the scene, the law enforcement agency detained him and asked for clarification. However, they didn’t arrest but notified him that he might have to appear on the court hearing if the case moves forward. 

It simply wasn't an end for Ali Abdelaziz; he got banned from PFL (professional fighter league) playoff match in October 2019 regarding his strife with Ibrahim.

According to Nevada’s law, he may have to spend six months in jail and pay a thousand-dollar fine if the court hearing goes against him.