Fallon Fox MMA, Record, Retired, Gay, Net Worth, Now

By Ravi Lama | Updated On: 13 Jul, 2021
Fallon Fox MMA, Record, Retired, Gay, Net Worth, Now

In the history of MMA Fighting, Fallon Fox is the only transgender woman to have five wins out of six in her professional career. For her, overcoming controversies in the MMA scene was nothing more than a piece of cake. She claimed that "Fear" is the greatest fight of her life.

In the world, where people find it hard to accept the LGBT community, Fallon used to have a fear about her sexuality. She has created a storm in the martial art community not because of her transgender sexuality, but because of her fight to prove herself.

Fallon's Fairy Tale Anecdote From Gay To Transwoman!

During her age six, she was confused about her sexual orientation psychologically as she was physically a male at that time. Growing up in the Christian family, Fallon was struggling through her sexuality.

At the age of 17, Fallon came to know that she was a gay male and learned the fact about transgender. But at 19, Fallon got married to her anonymous girlfriend and even got her pregnant. After having a daughter with her, Fallon dropped out of college to save money for her gender reassignment surgery

She even asked her daughter about her transition. Since her daughter was just four years old, she took it well. Fallon worked for four years as a Lorry driver to fund her therapy.

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In 2006, she fled to Bangkok, Thailand and had a therapy that includes; gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation, and hair transplant surgeries.

After completion of her transition, she stepped into MMA. However, she fell into numerous critics for being a transgender.

Fallon Fox poses with her rumored lesbian partner Amy Pierson (Photo:

Despite the criticism, a woman, Amy Pierson, who is slender, held her hand. The two fell for each other and start dating. As per the, she was the one, who had motivated her to get the therapy.

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Fallon Fox's Net Worth; Retired From MMA

Fallon Fox earned the net worth as being the professional MMA fighter. She is the first transgender woman to fight with women in the UFC. As of 2014, she has earned the prize money of $10,000 with a respectable record of 3 wins to a loss.

After transformation, she started her career in MMA fighting professionally in 2011. She confirmed that she was transwoman in 2013 after her two victories, which brought numerous controversies. While there was a debate if should be allowed to fight or not, MMA fighter and former NFL football player Matt Mitrione showed his disagreement to let her fight in the game.

Luckily, the Ohio-native was permitted to fight. Since, then, she has made several records, winning five professional matches out of six. Her fight with Tamikka Brents created the controversy after Tamikka suffered an injury.

Fallon might have taken a break from MMA as she has not made her appearance in the arena. With her absence from the arena, fans speculated that she might have retired. Nevertheless, she is yet to make her retirement official.

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Fallon's Bio

Fallon Fox was born on 29 November 2018 in Boyd Burton in Toledo, Ohio. The MMA fighter stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.70 meters) and weighs around 135 lbs. (61.23 Kg).

At the age of 19, the MMA fighter joined the US Navy. Later, she went to the University of Toledo after she left the US Navy, but she never completed her education.