Juli Briskman Wiki: Age, Fired, New Job, Interview, Trump, Personal Life

By Sophiya Shrestha | Updated On: 05 Mar, 2021
Juli Briskman Wiki: Age, Fired, New Job, Interview, Trump, Personal Life

Juli Briskman was just an average marketing specialist in the government contractor, Akima. However, her life took a toll when she was the talk of all the headlines. Juli became a significant trending hashtag in 2017 when her picture of her One-fingered salute to the US president, Donald Trump captured by the Whitehouse photographer went viral.

Juli Briskman is a marketing and communication professional who have rich experience in Federal government, schools, and the private sector. She in her lifetime has worked in many organizations starting off with Community Liaison Officer at U.S Department of state from September 2007-May 2009.

Furthermore, she has worked as Digital and Advocacy specialist in ICMA from July 2016- April 2017. The exceptional talent has worked in and specialized in many different organizations, but she recently worked as a marketing specialist for a company named Akima LLC from April 2017 to November 2017.

Too Bold for One-Fingered Salute!

In 2017, Juli Briskman, a marketing specialist in a government contractor company, Akima made it to the headlines around the world after she gave a middle finger salute to the President Donald Trump.

After The US president’s car left the Trump National Golf Club, the bold Briskman followed the vehicle, but after some time the convoy overhauled her. The 50 years old Juli still managed to catch up to the Trump and gave him a one-finger salute. The White House photographer captured the picture of her and soon after it went viral.

Caption: The Whitehouse photographer in 2017 captured a picture of Julie Briskman flipping Donald Trump
Source: HuffPost

After the incident, every individual was left stunned and surprised, and it was the only issue that made it to the headlines until the culprit was acknowledged. According to the Independent, after the picture got huge attention globally, Juli felt that she was obliged to alert and inform her employer about the image that went viral, and so she confronted the office employers when she made the image as her profile pictures on her Social Media.

Soon after the confrontation, Briskman was fired from the Government Contractor. According to Juli, she was dragged to her office and then straight out of Akima LLC and was even not given the change to collect the picture of her two children.  

After the identity of the cyclist who flipped off President Trump was revealed, Juli has become a trending hashtag on Social Media with her followers from 24 to 18000. The incident gained Juli, some haters while tons and tons of supporters. The account on behalf of her in GoFundMe was created, and people from everywhere donated the money and collected around $90000. The GoFundMe account was named as “Thank you Juli Briskman.”

Thousands of people signed the petition named, “MoveOn.Org” petition demanding the contractor company to Juli back in the job. She also was flooded with calls for the interview and other job place placement. The donations were, of course, helpful for some time, but in the long run, Juli had to find a new job. Briskman was as well offered a job for marketing specialist from an adult movie production company named xHamster.

When asked in an interview by The Washington Post, if she regretted her action, Juli replied that she'd do it again. 

Short Bio on Juli Briskman:

Juli Briskman currently aged 50 is a mother of two children. Briskman is a Business graduate from The Ohio State University and The John Hopkins University. She made it to the headlines just because her picture of flipping the president went viral and was only a mere office employer. And so, information about her personal life is not disclosed yet in any of the wiki sources.