Zylan Cheatham Family, College, Salary

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 10 Nov, 2019
Zylan Cheatham Family, College, Salary

Zylan Cheatham is a professional and the most versatile basketball player in history. He is tremendously active and has high strength and agility to defend as well as guard multiple positions. His stable ball-handling power has made him outstanding in the court and a worthy NBA drafts. 

At present, Zylan is showcasing his fantastic basketball skills for New Orleans Pelicans after a magical stint at Arizona State. He also has a vigorous record of playing for San Diego State and Sun Devils in the NCAA Tournament. 

Zylan Cheatham’s Wiki And Family

Zylan was born on 17 November 1995 as the elder son of Carolyn and Robert Cheatham. Beside him, his parents had a younger son named Wanyaa Stewart, who was murdered on 29 December 2018 at the age of 22. 

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According to the source, police gave a statement that a murderer, Dantreil Griffin, had a conflict with the star’s brother, which led the incident to occur. They arrested Dantreil Griffin, and second, to the Corey Winston, who was driving the vehicle, the miscreant fled into after the shot. They had shot Wanyaa after 7 pm while he was at the Mobil gas station at Baseline Road and Mill Avenue in Temple alongside his girlfriend. Luckily, Wanyaa's girlfriend was found safe and unharmed.

Zylan Cheatham expresses deep sorrow of losing his baby brother Wanyaa Stewart via his Twitter. (Photo: Twitter)

His father, Robert, had called him about the tragic news. He had requested him to come to the hospital immediately while he was already having a terrible time after losing Sun Devils to Princeton. Carrying the throbbing heart from two sides, he went to the hospital with great hope and prayings. Sadly, their prayers and faith were unlistened by god that Zylan had to lose his baby brother in hospital.

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Broken but not shattered, Zylan Cheatham still stands strong and motivated like his towering height of 2.032 m (6’8”) and firm weight of 220 lbs. 


New Orleans’ star Zylan got enrolled at Westwind Prep, a boarding school for specializing in the development of basketball players, and later was transferred to South Mountain High School for his higher education from where he bridged with the San Diego State. 

Zylan, who got enlisted in the top-75 prospect in the high school class of 2014, started playing with San Diego before playing for the school closest to home, Arizona State. He spent his first three seasons of his college career at San Diego State and later moved to Arizona State before opting to the New Orleans Pelicans. 

Salary Related

Zylan has quite impressive scores in the history of his career, and his performance is appreciated by Charlotte Hornets, a president of Basketball Operations. He interprets Zylan as the most dedicated and a player with a high motor.

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As of now, Zylan has become a precious gem to New Orleans Pelicans with a prestigious record of ranking 17 best-paid players in the New Orleans Pelicans this year. He had signed a two-way contract to the New Orleans PelicansSummer League team after going undrafted out of the NBA Arizona State in 2019 with a yearly salary of $79,568 as of 2019 and 2020.

During his senior year in Arizona State, he had an acclaimed record of 12.1 points, a Pac-12 leading 10.3 rebounds, and 3.2 assists towards Pac-12 First Team and Pac-12 All-Defensive Team honors in his 34 games.

Not to forget, his position as the best-paid NBA player is also upgrading to rank 214th next year from 501st this year.