Hans Vestberg Net Worth, Wife, Family, Now

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 23 Sep, 2019
Hans Vestberg Net Worth, Wife, Family, Now

The Internet has made the earth a better and secure place to live. It has wholly modernized the world and has helped to enhance the quality of better living and move along with the passing time. Hans Vestnerg is one of the names responsible for this possibility of the internet.

The Swedish businessman is the CEO of Verizon Communications Inc, the company that distributes the wireless, fiber-optic and most of all the world's fastest and reliable network, 5G.

Net Worth

Hans Vestnerg is a Swedish businessman, whose net worth is in the multi-million figure. After the 18 years of experience in Ericsson Brazil, Hans was given the position of CEO at Verizon in August 2018, the next year he had joined the company. However, he didn’t leave the Ericsson empty-handed. He received considerable revenue of $28 million for leaving the job at Ericsson.

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He was destined to get $21 million in severance pay corresponding to 18 months of salary. On the other side, he was also expected to receive only 50% of the payout if he got a new job within 18 months of his quitting the company. 

Luckily it didn’t take Hans long to find a job in Verizon and be its CEO and enjoy its benefits and earnings. Based on the 2018 fiscal years, Hans estimated salary reaches to the total sum of $4,987,635 with total equity of $16,600,082 and total compensation of $22,206,086. With such massive earnings, he is considered the highest-paid member of the company.

As of now, the company decided to add News 12 to cover the absence of the company’s FIOS1 News. He had also worked as the president of the Swedish Olympic Committee and chairman of the Swedish Handball Federation.

Married, Wife, Children

Although Hans Vestnerg is most committed and busy at his works, he has scheduled a specific time for his family consisting of his wife and two children.

To create a balance in his married life as well as work-life, Hans has made a specific rule. He leaves his office works behind the door of the house and switches off his phone. In that way, despite the busy schedules ahead, he can give quality time to his family.

However, it is quite sad that Hans has never found it necessary to reveal the name of his wife and two children. Though he does post about them, he has never disclosed their name publicly.

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Hans Vestnerg and his wife after the NYC Marathon on 6 November 2016. (Photo: Han's Twitter)

On 18 February 2016, Hans appreciated his daughter through a tweet where he revealed his daughter's appraising venture. She has authored a book name Food For Nepal whose profit was for the schools of the South-Asian landlocked country, Nepal.

While his daughter is into social works, his son sounds to be a cool guy from next door. He is an athlete who started playing matches since 2018. 

Wiki(Age), Parents

Hans was born in 1965 in Sweden where he spent his early childhood. Sadly, not much information about his early life and parents are known. But, it is a fact that Hans grew up with his late father Jan Vestberg and mother along with his brother Peter. 

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Talking about his education, the 54-years-old businessman graduated in Business Administration and Economics and established his career in the company Ericsson after seven years of his graduation. He serves the company for 18 years and later got the opportunity to serve Verizon as a CEO.