James Quincey, CEO of Coca-Cola Wiki: Salary, Net Worth, Family

By Soni Pahadi | Published On: 05 Dec, 2019
James Quincey, CEO of Coca-Cola Wiki: Salary, Net Worth, Family

Among the various multinational companies related to soft beverages, Coca-Cola is the first one that comes in the mind of most people. 

And obviously, it has reached in such a great height because of it's great taste and brand value. For this many people are creditable but most importantly, James Quincey.

James Quincey is the CEO and the Chairman of Coca-Cola; who changed the game of business in the world by making 3 trades of the company’s stock since 2014. James joined this company in 1996. Since then, he has double up the market value of Coca-Cola with his beyond belief mind-set.

Before garnering the position of CEO, he worked as a President and Chief Operating Officer from 2015 to 2017.

His Salary And Net Worth

As the CEO and Chairman of Coca-Cola, his net worth was estimated to be $24.2 million as of 24th February 2015.

Most probably, there has been an increment to his net worth as he earns $16,701,300 in the form of salary; including $1.45 million as a base salary, $7.4 million as plus stock awards, $2.2 million as stock option awards, $5 million as non-incentive payments and other compensation worth $568,000.

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On top of that, he owns 286,584 units of his company, The Coca-Cola worth over $7,503,970.

Wiki, Age, And Family

James was born in 1965 in London. He celebrates his birthday on 8 January. Though he was born in London, he spent his three years living in Hanover, Northern Hampshire. And at the age of five, he moved to Birmingham, London with his parents.

His father was a lecturer at Dartmouth University. In the family, he has a little brother with whom he first started skiing on wooden skies when they were in States.

His Wife And Children

James is happily married to his wife Jacqui Quincey and together they are parenting their two kids; a son and a daughter. His son is named as Sam and his daughter is named Gaby.

(Note: as confirmed by in August 2015, James's son was 15, and his daughter was 13 years old)

James Quincey with his wife, Jacqui Quincey(Photo:(

James is very proud that he is able to keep his family happy via his profession despite his hectic work schedules—he needs to travel to different places frequently. He said it on 13th August 2015 in an interview with his own company, Coca Cola,

It has always been professionally interesting and personally interesting to go and live in different towns and different countries. I have a wife and two kids. They need to be happy, too. There are very few happy executives with an unhappy family.

Until now, James is balancing his personal life and professional life perfectly.

Education And Career

James completed his schooling from King Edward’s School of Birmingham. Similarly, he gained his Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Liverpool around the 1980s.

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After graduating, he started working and joined Bain; which was a consulting company then. When he was working in this company, computing was in the emerging phase and he was kind of best in this field. While working, they had a client DHL that wanted the work to be done in the Far East. As a result, they went to Hong Kong in 1988 and set up their office for Bain.

Later, in 1989, Bain separated into Bain and McKinsey which formed into The Kalchas Group. He was recruited by The Kalchas Group; he was also a partner for this company.

Before working for Coca Cola, he also worked as a Vice Co-Chair for The Consumer Goods Forum.