Lukas Walton, Sam Walton's Son: Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

By Chakrit Subedi | Updated On: 02 Dec, 2019
Lukas Walton, Sam Walton's Son: Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

“You have the power to say. This is not how my story will end.”

It is what the Lukas mother would have thought when he was diagnosed with rare kidney cancer, which had almost devoured her son’s life. Nevertheless, the motherly faith and strict diet plans worked out for Lukas Walton. Now, he has made his way into one of the youngest billionaires and entrepreneurs of the world. 

Conquering his death, Lukas followed his family's footsteps to become one of the most influential businessmen and a renowned philanthropist. Now, he is recognized as the heir of Wal-Mart.


Lucas Walton is the grandson of Helen and Sam Walton, who had a tremendous philanthropic and entrepreneur mindset.

His father is John T Walton, who served as the American war veteran. And for his unparalleled bravery during the war, he was honored with a silver star. Besides being the owner of Walmart, John also initiated his own company named Satloc and Corsair Marine.

As for Lucas's mother, Christy Walton is an animal rights activist and a philanthropist. 

 Lucas Walton with his mother Christy Walton (Photo:

She revived Lucas from the rare kidney cancer when he was three years old and instilled good family culture from an early age. 


Lucas Walton is the person having an innovative, exuberant, and vibrant personality. He has been an active member of the environmentally sustainable project. And his education has played a vital role in it.

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He has completed his liberal arts degree from Colorado College in environmentally sustainable business. Apart from that, Lucas has also studied energy efficiency and hydrological/geothermal energy from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Net Worth

Lucas Walton estimated net worth is more than $12 billion. Thanks to his affluent family circle and stock earnings from one of the biggest enterprises of the world, Walmart. In a recent hike of Walmart company stock value, the Walton family added $175.2 billion in 2019, with annual sales of $500 billion from its 12,000 stores around the world.

On the other hand, he has an added benefit of being a member of one of the wealthiest families of America. It is believed that his mother, Christy Walton, has amassed billion dollars of her husband's property after his death in the 2005 plane crash.

After the untimely demise of his father, Lucas enriched his net worth by $17 billion when he inherited one-third of his father's fortunes. The extent of his wealth came to public knowledge in November 2015.

Contrary to this, the democratic presidential candidate for 2020, Berne sanders, commented that Walmart owners make more money in 1 minute, which a Walmart employee can’t make even with their annual salary.

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Interesting Facts And Wiki

  • One of the most high profile entrepreneurs and billionaires, Lukas Walton, was born in 1986 in California, US.
  • He is best known for his philanthropic works besides being an investor of Walmart, First Solar, and Arvest Bank.
  • Lukas is also the director of the Walton Family Foundations. So far, his foundation has spent more than 370 million dollars in charity for the transformation of different sectors.
  • In 2018, Forbes ranked him in 83 positions among the list of Billionaires.
  • At present, Lukas has partnered with a private equity firm named 'Cuna del Mar,’ which typically finance in Aquaculture.
  • He has a 16 percent share in First Solar and 8 percent in Arvest Bank
  • Wife, Girlfriend- According to the Business Insider, Lukas Walton was included in the lists of five of the wealthiest men on earth, who were still unmarried. He was even titled as one of the most eligible bachelors in 2016.