Paul Tudor Jones Wife, Children, Parents, How Much is His Worth?

By Chakrit Subedi | Updated On: 03 Dec, 2019
Paul Tudor Jones Wife, Children, Parents, How Much is His Worth?

“I absolutely hate losing money. My grandfather told me at a very early age that you are only worth what you can write a check for tomorrow.”

Paul Tudor Jones's grandfather coined the above saying. An influential investor, widely known as the Hedge fund manager, Paul possibly couldn’t refute his grandfather's words. As a result, his grandfather's suggestion became a succeeding factor to show his unwavering professionalism in the field of investment. 

Since he was a child, he had held this notion of making big fortunes, and as a result, he worked hard to advance his career and became one of the recognized billionaires of the world. As of 2019, he is the 343rd richest man in the world and 7th highest-earning Hedge Fund manager.

Who Is Paul Tudor Jones Wife?

It is without a doubt that Paul Tudor Jones is happily married to Sonia Klein. The duo got married back in 1988.

Paul Tudor Jones with his wife Sonia Klien (Photo:- 

Talking about Paul’s wife, she is an Australian born model who has a keen interest in physical and spiritual advancement exercises like Yoga. She also operates a chain of Yoga studios in New York.

Because of her substantial investment in the Yoga studio, she is entitled to the name “Yoga Entrepreneur.” Besides, as a fashion enthusiast and a model, she also runs several Boutiques.

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Children Details

Together, Paul Tudor Jones and his wife Sonia are blessed with four children. Among them, three are daughters, named Chrissy, Carole, and Dorothy. And a son named Jack.

Their daughter, Chrissy, is studying at Standford College, whereas Carole is a singer and songwriter attending New York University. Likewise, Dorothy is a high school student.

Parents And Education

Paul Tudor Jones's father, John Paul Jones, worked in a United States navy. When Paul's father was 77 years old, back in 2011, his mother had Alzheimer’s disease. And four years later she lost her life because of it. After that, Paul’s father became fond of basketball matches to soothe his pain and overcome his anxiety caused by his wife's death.

Respecting his interest in basketball, Paul Tudor Jones donated nearly $fifty million to the University of Virginia for the construction of the Basketball Arena. And as a tribute to his father, it was named John Paul Jones's basketball arena.

Interestingly, Paul Tudor Jones and his father John Paul Jones both attended the Virginia University back in their days. In 1976, Paul Tudor Jones completed his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Virginia. Besides, He completed his high school from Memphis University School.

How Much Is His Worth? 

The estimated net worth of Paul Tudor jones is $4.3 billion. The credit goes to his practical macro trading skills and performance-driven investment strategy. Founder of Hedge Fund Tudor Investment Corporation, Paul's prudent approach towards investment and management succeeded him as the 108th richest man in America.

As a hedge fund manager, he made a significant stride in 1987, predicating Black Friday, which profited his corporation by triple amount. As it impressed the larger group of people, he got featured in the 1987 documentary named Trader.

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Paul's corporation Tudor Investment, instigated in 1980, has offices in various parts of the world and has a total asset of 7 billion dollars. Besides, with his fortunes, he has bought an expensive and luxurious house, located in nearly six-acre land at Palm Beach, paying $71.2 million.

Contrary to this, he is also a philanthropist and signed in a campaign called The Given Pledge, which motivates the world’s wealthiest people to donate the requisite amount of their fortunes for the charitable cause during their life span.

Last but not least, he is also the founder of a charitable organization named Robin Hood Foundation, which helps poor and disadvantaged children.