Satoshi Nakamoto Wiki, Identity, Net Worth

By Pranish Sumsher Thapa | Published On: 10 Oct, 2019
Satoshi Nakamoto Wiki, Identity, Net Worth

An identity shrouded in mystery, the name Satoshi Nakamoto is something that has baffled everyone for the past decade.

The founder of the online currency, Bitcoin, Satoshi’s name and identity have never fully been disclosed to date.

Many have come forth to identify as being Satoshi Nakamoto, but all have had their efforts to be labeled the father of bitcoin put to vain.

But amongst the countless coders and cryptographers claiming to have been the founder of bitcoin, one name has stood at the very top since the very beginning.

And that is Dorian Nakamoto. While many claim Dorian to be the founder of the lucrative online cryptocurrency, Dorian himself has come forward to deny any involvement with Bitcoin publicly.

This article covers more about Dorian, his life and his possibility of involvement with Bitcoin, and its foundation.

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? Family Background & More

While the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has yet to be confirmed, the name Dorian Nakamoto is the one that has stood out from the number of others who’ve come forward to reveal themselves as Satoshi.

And it’s Dorian whose information we’ve managed to gather up for this article. 

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Dorian Nakamoto was born in July 1949 in Beppu, Japan, to mother Akiko and a Buddhist father whose name has not been revealed.

His mother separated from his father and re-married, after which she moved to California. Dorian grew up with two brothers. 

Following his move to the United States, he graduated from college and started working defense and electronics communications for Hughes Aircraft.

It was in 1980 when Dorian got married, but he never revealed any information about his wife. In fact, much of Dorian’s life has remained anonymous, with only minor details slipping out in the past few years.

His first marriage ended in a divorce. But it did bear him his first son, Eric Nakamoto, of six children

Likewise, after that, he married Grace Mitchell, whom he met at a Unitarian church mixer in Cherry Hill. With Grace, he had five children.

Yet again, he could not hold his marriage with Grace. The pair separated but never divorced. They continued to live their lives on their own terms, only mingling for the sake of their children. 

An identity shrouded in mystery, Satoshi Nakamoto, or Dorian Nakamoto’s life has baffled many for several years.

And to this day, whether or not Dorian is the founder of Bitcoin is an ongoing debate yet to reach its conclusion. 

Net Worth

A lucrative billion-dollar online business, Bitcoin has taken over the online currency market at a massive rate in the past decade.

Those investing in Bitcoins have been rewarded with hefty paybacks. Especially those who invested in the earlier stages of bitcoin have racked up millions of dollars payback from their investment.

Just investing in Bitcoin garners you millions. Just imagine being the founder of it. And that is the topic that most intrigues us.

For the past decade, hefty debates have been taking place as to deciphering who actually is the founder of this billion-dollar online empire.

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Many have come forth to take the crown. And many have failed. But one name has constantly popped out on top: the name Satoshi Nakamoto or Dorian Nakamoto.

While the name Satoshi Nakamoto could just be a pseudonym masking the identity of the real founder, Dorian’s name has been linked several times.

For an anonymous person, Nakamoto’s real identity has been fiercely debated.

While Dorian has strongly stated that he is in no terms the founder of Bitcoin, many still believe that he is just hiding his identity as to evade questions from the IRS, the FBI, and many other agencies. 

Dorian claims to have only heard the term Bitcoin after his son Eric mentioned it to him. Prior to this, he never really heard the term before.

His children, like many, are skeptical about the fact that their father could be the founder of Bitcoin.

Satoshi’s jobs prior to his name being linked with Bitcoin ranges from military projects independent of RCA, as a computer engineer for communications and technology companies in Los Angeles and as a financial information service for Quotron Systems Inc.

Dorian Nakamoto at the Bitconf press event (Photo:

So the big question comes, what is Nakamoto’s net worth? 

If he indeed is the founder of Bitcoin, then, his net worth would be an astounding $400 million or possibly more in today’s money.