Tim Sweeney Married, Wife, Net Worth, Family

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 04 Nov, 2019
Tim Sweeney Married, Wife, Net Worth, Family

Gaming has become one of the rapidly growing hobbies and businesses for thousands across the globe. With the development of technology, games are not what they used to be some decades ago. The market is flooded with games that have hyperrealistic graphics, excellent story plots, and engaging factors.

One such game is Fortnite, a free-to-play online video game with players killing each other for survival. American video game programmer Tim Sweeney is one of the masterminds behind the world's most popular battle royale game.

Tim is the CEO and founder of Epic Games, the company that owns a franchise of Fortnite. For his video game programming responsibilities, he won the Lifetime Achievement award in 2017 at the Game Developers Choice Awards on the 1st of March.

Is Tim Married?

Despite all the success and wealth, Tim is not married to this day, and there is not a hint about his wife.

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It seems the CEO likes to stay away from any romantic relationships or keeps his personal life out of the public eye.

Net Worth

Tim got his career headstart during his University days. He released a game ZZT in 1991 under the company name 'Potomac Computer.' He then started the company and remained active through his parent’s garage. He started with a savings of $4000 and interestingly, managed to sell thousands of ZZT game copies to the buyers.

Finally, in 1999, Tim moved out of his family house and moved to North Carolina taking 'Epic Games' with him. The company experienced its first success with the release of Unreal, an FP shooting game- released in 1998. The game was based on 'Unreal Engine,' which later became the base for Xbox, PlayStation, PCs, and even iPhones.

Then the company started on its uphill success with the release of shooting games. In 2006 after Gears of War was released, it managed to sell 22 million units worldwide. This alone was worth at least a billion dollars in revenue. In 2013, 'Tencent,' a tech company from China, invested $330 million in the company.

'Epic Games’ most significant success is Fortnite, a survival game. The company started working on the game in 2011 and released the 'Battle Royale' version in 2017. The game accumulated over $2.5 billion, with over 250 million players in 2018.

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As one of the masterminds behind those successful games, Tim's net worth has been estimated to be $4.5 billion. The tech giant, however, spends most of his money on conservation efforts.

Pretty much an active face in charity events, the American video game programmer had donated $15 million for forest protection in North Carolina back in 2017.

Bio(Age), Family

Tim Sweeney was born in 1970. The 48 years old developer was brought up in Potomac, Maryland, along with his two elder brothers Pat and Steve. His mother was a housewife and, thus, took care of her children. His father was a cartographer by profession.

CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney (Photo:

He started getting engulfed in programming at the age of 11. As a school kid, he used to spend hours programming on his Apple II Plus computer than other activities. He attended the Churchhill High School and graduated in 1989. He went on to attend the University of Maryland for mechanical-engineering major but steered towards gaming in his second year.

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Tim dropped out of his college to pursue his goals with just one credit away from his graduation. As a youth, Tim never jumped between jobs. He mowed grass and practiced his coding skills.