Tom Anderson Net Worth, Wife, House, 2019

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 23 Aug, 2019
Tom Anderson Net Worth, Wife, House, 2019

Kissing height of social network in 2008, MySpace erupted in the digital world accumulating a 76 million usage statistics. Apparently, the users had something provided to them as a default, a pre-existing friend named Tom Anderson. Well, Tom is one of the co-founders of social networking website MySpace, which was founded on the 1st of August, 2003 by two other members Chris DeWolfe, and Jon Hart.

Here are a few more details about this American entrepreneur. So, without further ado, let's dive deeper into his personal life, bio, and net worth

Net Worth - MySpace & House

When you retire from your job as an IT professional, you sit at home and read IT journals, right? Well, think again, because the ex-president of social platform Myspace is now a full-fledged traveler and photographer.

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Even with an early retirement from the electronic highway in 2009, at the age of 38, Tom has enough monetary brawn to cruise through his travels and expenditures. His net worth sums up to a total of $60 million, and the majority of it is thanks to his Myspace deal and investment in the real-estate business. As per The Sun, he sold his share in the site for £372 million in 2005. Also, the same year, MyScape was sold to News Corporation for $580 million. Later in 2009, he was replaced as president.

Tom Anderson with Myspace co-founders Chris DeWolfe (Photo:

However, Anderson took a retirement the same year to explore a passion for architecture and design. Besides that, Tom also financed RocketFrog, a gambling platform owned by Facebook and joined as an adviser in May 2012.

If you are wondering where he currently resides, he owns a deluxe house at Highland, California and spends his majority of the time exploring nature.

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Bio- Education & Career

Born on the 8th of November, 1970 in California, Tony Anderson can be considered a pioneer of social media that relies on digital platforms.

Actually, the American entrepreneur showed early signs of computer engrossment as he deciphered the Manhattan Bank's security at the age of 14. This caught him the attention of the FBI, and the rest is history.

Surprisingly, very little is known about this socially active personnel. All we know is that his father was an entrepreneur himself.

For the education, he attended San Pasqual High as his high school located in California and later majored in Critical Film Studies from three universities. His MySpace journey started with eUniversity company modeling after Friendster in 2002. The social website boomed the internet but was gradually outshined by Facebook. This led to the downfall of the website and in turn its sell to Specific Media($35 million) in June 2011.

Girlfriend, Wife?

Every successful man has a woman behind him, or so people say. Tom certainly makes us reconsider that quote. Despite his tremendous success and social popularity, the 48-years-old man shares his emotional partnership with just his lenses. Maybe he finds his neverending pleasure from the natural elixir of a landscape rather than a biological consort of the opposite sex. We don’t know yet.

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 As of 2019, no gossip has emerged regarding Tom’s romantic status with his possible girlfriend. It seems like Tom is keeping thing slow when it's a matter of love. The lady whom he would make his future wife is still a mystery till the date.