Alex Burriss Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents, Ethnicity

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 16 Sep, 2019
Alex Burriss Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents, Ethnicity

Alex Burris is a self-made star, who rose to stardom with his top-rated YouTube channel called Wassabi. He has a massive 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has over 2 million in his personal vlog channel.

Burris posts comedy vlogs and funny music videos on his channel which he had established collaborating with his middle school best friend Roi Fabito in 2006. It was non-other than Roi's idea to make a YouTube channel with the funniest gay from the school. 

How Much Is Alex’s Net Worth?

As a founder of Wassabi, Alex reportedly enjoys monthly earnings of about $7.6k to 12k from his YouTube channel. His other source of income is his acting career, but, unfortunately, his earnings from his acting career are not disclosed. However, he probably meets the margin of the average actor's salary of about $59,565.

Alex’s acting talents can be seen in his current running web series called Light As a Feather on Hulu.

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Apart from his earnings, he possesses a mansion for his family in 2017 when he was only 27 years old. The mansion has a private swimming pool in it. He further has innovated the living room of the house with costs over $40,000 to him.

Who is Alex’s Girlfriend?

Alex was in a dating relationship with YouTube star Lauren, who is also recognized under her YouTube channel name LaurDIY. They used to feature one another in their respective YouTube videos and were considered as one of the happiest and loving couples.

However, due to their unmatching career phase, in 2018, both decided to be apart after their three years of togetherness and focus more on their careers.

A year later Alex moved on with Caeli, a vlogger. He first announced that he was into her when he was on the podcasts of famous YouTuber Logan Paul on 6 April 2019. Soon in 2019, he surprised his fan posting a picture with her on his Instagram.

Couples: Alex with his new girlfriend in May 2019. (Source: Alex's Instagram)

However, it seems like Alex is no more in a relationship with Caeli as the pair has stopped showcasing their romantic moment lately.

His present love affair is unknown. But, he frequently is seen sharing a picture of ladies on Instagram. Recently, he shared the photo of his new music video partner and real-life friend, Vanessa Merrell, considering her as his fake girlfriend. Hopefully, the fans won’t take the picture in the wrong sense.

Parents and  Siblings

Alex was born on 28 March 1990 to a mixed family of Philipino and Caucasian. His father belongs to a Caucasian, and his mother is a Filipino. Therefore, he belongs to half Philipino and half Caucasian ethnicity. However, his appearance resembles him more like the Philippines. He has got a facial feature of an Asian but the height of the western race. He stands a tall height of 6 feet, and his weight is around 175lbs.

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Alex often posts and talks about his families in the media. His emotional attachment with his family can be seen on his YouTube channel, where he has surprised his family with a mansion. Apart from him and his parents, he has three siblings in the house: two brothers and one sister. His brothers are also a YouTube sensation.