Alex Russell Wife, Net Worth, Family

By Prabesh Niroula | Published On: 10 Oct, 2019
Alex Russell Wife, Net Worth, Family

The movie industry has several aspects that make it one of the gigantic entertainment sphere.

From directing, producing to acting, several roles play crucial factors in the booming industry. With such vital functions, the part of an actor cannot be denied.

Growing up from his Australian roots, Alex Russell has won the hearts of millions with his acting skills and professionalism. 

To name a few of his movie credits, Chronicle (2012), Wasted on the Young (2010), and Carrie that released in 2013, come to mind.

He also played the role of Seeker Burns in The Host

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With credits like such, Alex enjoys a net worth of $3 million.

Alex Russell Married To Wife / Girlfriend?

Alex has been dating actress Diana Hopper since 2015. The couple has a long-running relationship and has stayed in Los Angeles together.

Alex and his girlfriend even attended the screening ceremony of Brampton's Own at the Regal 27 Hollywood Theater, openly flaunting their love.

The actor first introduced his girlfriend via his Instagram with a post that was dated on 10th August 2015

The couple is still intact to this day and does not shy away from sharing their flirty and romantic moments on social media.

Their September 2019 post showcased the lovely couple dressing up for the Emmys.

Alex Russell with his long-time girlfriend, Diana Hopper, on 24 September 2019 (Photo: Alex Russell’s Instagram)

Despite their long relationship, the two have not been married to this day. Fans would love to see Diana as the actor’s wife.

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Before Diana, Alex dated actress Portia Doubleday in 2012. The two had met during the shooting of the horror movie, Carrie.

They were spotted publicly kissing in a shopping mall, which ignited their media rumors. Their breakup details are not public, though.

Short Bio

Born in 1987 in Australia to his parents, Frances and Andrew Russel, Alex celebrates his birthday on the 11th of December every year.

His father is a surgeon while his mother is a nurse by profession.

The 31-year-old actor shared his childhood with his two younger siblings, Dominic and Georgiana.

Alex stands at the height of 6 feet. He has completed the required education that has helped him on the uphill battle of his career.