Amber Portwood Wiki, Birthday, Married, Engaged, Fiance, Relationship

By Staff Writer | Published On: 13 Jun, 2017
Amber Portwood Wiki, Birthday, Married, Engaged, Fiance, Relationship

There are so many things going on in the world, and there is this thing that’s going on in MTV’s Teen Mom that’s grabbing the attention of the world. Amber Portwood is a reality television star who has been a part of the series since the beginning, and her journey to motherhood hasn’t been easy at all. She is a mother of Leah Leann Shirley and a woman surrounded with many incidents that have made her life a matter of interest to many people.

Amber’s Career and Progression:

The young woman has been a part of the MTV reality series Teen Moms from the early days and has been a crucial part. Her life filled with controversies and lots of ups and downs has been a center of attention in the show. She is a self-professed party girl and even told that she was regularly high on drugs on the program before going to jail.

 She served 17 months in prison after being arrested for the possession of drugs and failing to complete rehab program ordered by the court. A report has emerged that she received the offer of $500000 from Vivid Entertainment to star in her X-rated film. She refused it and continued to appear on the show Teen Moms to this day. She has earned an exquisite amount of net worth from her appearance on the show alone.

An Amazing Body Transformation After Weight Loss!

She looks far different from the early days on the show. Her weight which kept going up and down has seen a significant change in the recent days which began after she gave birth to a child. It wasn’t the sole cause of her extreme weight loss, but the use of drugs had highly deteriorated her health causing it. She then went to prison and came out sober and had gained a healthy weight. She has struggled with weight gain again but has managed to maintain it with exercises and fitness regimes.

Is The Recent Incident Going to Affect Amber’s Marriage?

The reality television personality had to leave high school when she became pregnant with a baby. During her stint on the show, we have seen many things that have been going on in her life. She has had many troubles with the child’s father and fiance, Gary Shirley and has even gone on to assault him on several occasions. In one incident involving her committing physical abuse on him got her arrested for domestic violence.

The couple the relationship soon after and she has found comfort in the arms of a boyfriend who is 19 years senior to her. She has even been engaged to Matt Baier, an author, and DJ. The wedding which was set to take place on 10th October 2016 got suspended after the revelation that he had several children from multiple women unbeknownst to her. 

It looks like the bad luck keeps following the couple all the time. In an episode on Monday, Amber had to take a difficult decision and scold him calling him a junkie. She freaked out after learning the Baier had been giving out Xanax to Catelynn Baltierra. They had an agreement that he would stay sober and not possess any drugs. When he asked her if she would still marry him, she shook her head and the wedding has been called off. The viewers are hoping that she will get married to him and make him her husband.

Wiki-Like Bio:

Amber Portwood currently aged 27 was born in 1990 in Anderson, Indiana, U.S and has a birthday on 14th May. She was born to white parents and her younger sister died when she was just five years old. She has lost several loved ones causing her to take drugs at a very young age and has also tried committing suicide multiple times. She left drugs in order to take care of the child and is preparing to get a GED.