Amy Shira Teitel Bio Unveils Age, Married Status, Education & Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 15 Jan, 2020
Amy Shira Teitel Bio Unveils Age, Married Status, Education & Net Worth

Professional Space History Nerd is what YouTube star and space enthusiast Amy Shira Teitel labels herself. 

Professionally, Amy is a YouTube star, a podcaster, and an author. She runs a YouTube channel titled Vintage Space, co-hosts the Discovery Communications' online channel DNews, and has even written a book called Breaking the Chains of Gravity. Bloomsbury published the book in 2015.

Amy is always indulged in discussions of science and space, its facets, and aspects. She has also poured her scientific knowledge and experience to the public with social mediums like The Daily Beast, Discovery News, National Geographic, Scientific American, Al Jazeera English, Popular Science, and so on. 

Amy Shira Teitel Bio: Birthday, Height 

A significantly tall woman, Amy Shira, boasts a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m). Further, she maintains a constant weight of about 141 lbs (64 kgs). 

Amy Shira was born on 7 March 1986 to a mother named Pat Leary. She is originally from Toronto, Canada, but she no longer lives there.

Amy had shifted to Pasadena, California, to pursue her career and still resides there. In Pasadena, she lives with her cat. 

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Amy Shira Teitel shares a snap with her pet cat on 29 November 2019. (Photo: Amy's Instagram)

The reason for Amy to live in California is her job at DNews. Also, she manages her YouTube channels like Amy Shira Teitel and Vintage Space from Pasadena.

Education Details

Amy turned science enthusiast at the age of seven after she was given a project on Venus at her second grade. The project completely mesmerized her about the magical planets and stars. She then researched and read more about space and technologies. She even took a year off after graduating and dived into communications to write about space. 

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However, it didn’t work out, and she joined a Master's education. Sadly, MA also didn’t favor Amy, and she decided not to take her study further. 

Amy Shira’s YouTube Career, Income

Amy is the full-time presenter of her show, Vintage Space, and her self titled YouTube channel, Amy Shira Teitel. Vintage Space has accumulated massive over 329K subscribers, while her self-titled channel Amy Shira Teitel has 35.5K subscribers. 

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Additionally, Amy earns a substantial income from her books. Her book titled Breaking the Chains of Gravity: The Story of Spaceflight Before NASA costs $12.99-$15.14. Sadly, her other books: Moonshots: Two Women Pilots and Their Historic Fight for Female Spaceflight and Fighting for Space: Two Pilots and Their Historic Battle for Female Spaceflight, are out of stock.