Amy Siskind Wiki, Age, Husband, Gay, Net Worth

Amy was born on 16 December 1966 in Massachusetts. She was born to a president of the synagogue, a mother who used to tell her the story of Eleanor Roosevelt, a former first lady of the United States.....Amy Siskind is popularly known as an author of The List, public speaker, for going against the US President 'Trump' and the president and a co-founder of The New Agenda...he is assumed to have a salary not less than $49,392 excluding the market price of $15.37 of her book The List.....

Amy Siskind Wiki, Age, Husband, Gay, Net Worth

An author of The Weekly ListAmy Siskind is popularly known as a public speaker for American democracy. She is also a president and a co-founder of The New Agenda. It is a non-profit organization that generally focuses on the awareness of economic development and improvement of gender inequalities, equal rights to LGBT, and defense upon sexual abuse.

Amy, who is primarily renown as an unrelenting patriot, pro-democracy activist, fighter for social progress. She has set a mission to make the women and girls forward and succeed in their personal as well as in professional life. 

Gay/ Lesbian Or Married Now?

Amy's random Twitter posts has confused her fans as if she is gay (lesbian) or a straight lady. 

Time and again, she has had shared tweets for multiple times, contemplating herself as a lesbian. On 11 December 2017, she wrote on Twitter that Roy and Kayla Moore wouldn't invite her anytime soon as she is a Jewish and gay woman. A bit confusing, right? Whether or not she is gay, if not who she got married to, is a subject of confusion to audiences.

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Mother Of Kids

Just like Amy’s late father's undercovered bio, who died at the age of 94, her bio remains unrevealed when it's about the matter of baby father. Yes! You read it correctly; she is a mother of her two children; Jackson Bayer and Amanda Bayer. Details about baby daddy remians secretive, and it is obscure as to if her babies belong to her partner or husband.

Whatever is the case, her youngsters have not grown up. Her daughter is in her early 20s who just graduated from her college in May 2019. As of her son, he is following the pathway of Amy. He became the president of Democrats club at his high school in November 2017 to which Amy proudly shared in through her social media.

Family: Amy with her son and a daughter at Middlebury college. (source: Amy's Instagram)

At present, Amy resides in New York, along with her kids and her pet dogs: Arleen and Shep.

Wiki, Family & Career

A social activist Amy was born on 16 December 1966 in Massachusetts.

In her family, her mother was a president of the synagogue who used to tell her the story of Eleanor Roosevelt, a former first lady of the United States. Amy would love to listen to the tales of Eleanor and many other inspirational and motivational stories. On the other hand, Amy is of Jewish heritage, so it inspired her to stands for a community seeking justice, especially on behalf of oppressed.

Amy later completed a BA in Economics from Cornell University and also earned a master's degree from the NYU Stern School of Business in Finance and International Business After her MBA, she joined the burgeoning distressed debt market.

Soon, Amy became a director of Wasserstein Perella at the age of 31 and set a record as the first woman to be in that position. Besides, she also worked as a co-head on the department of an income trading at Morgan Stanley. 

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Before The New Agenda, in 2008, she served as a Wall Street executive, the year she supported Hilary Clinton for Democratic Primary and evident the inequalities between Hillary and her male opponents. That’s when she decided to work for equality, women's rights and empowerment and hence founded The New Agenda. 

Not only that, in March 2018, 52 weeks of list that she wrote were published and made available in the market.

Net Worth

Amy holds multiple professions as her career. She is a writer, a mentor, a spokesperson as well as a social activist. However, her career is not limited to it. She is also involved in politics and runs an organization as well. 

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Since she holds several professions, she is speculated to have a healthy net worth. Elaborating her net worth, as a writer, she is assumed to have a salary not less than $49,392 excluding the market price of $15.37 of her book The List.

Additionally, she also earns a significant amount as a spokesperson, although it is distinguished upon different fields. A common spokesperson’s average annual salary is expected as $81k as of 2013 while the spokesperson at colleges and Universities are least paid of around $54,370.