Angel Haze Gay, Lesbian, Net Worth, Family, Height

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 13 Dec, 2018
Angel Haze Gay, Lesbian, Net Worth, Family, Height

Only a few handpicked ladies have been able to make an impact on the rap genre of music. One of those successful ladies to fit in the man-dominated genre is Angel Haze.

Angel’s songs are strong, brutal and honest. Some of them have perfectly reflected the hardships, abuses and the struggles she had faced as a child. This bold rapper who raps about sexuality believes love is not about gender, its the person who you fall for.

The Pansexual Angel; Her Lesbian Partner 

Angel describes herself as a pansexual- emotional and romantic attraction to people despite their sex or gender- so gay, lesbian and any kind of title is irrelevant for her. Taking up sexuality in her raps, she fell for the stunning model Ireland Baldwin in 2014.

The two were deeply in love with each other, and many media reported the romantic spark between them. During their relationship, Angel said she was having the best time. She always said that being with her was fun and playful. She described herself as adrenaline fuelled, fun and was having the best time of her life with her partner.

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Angel holding hands with her former partner Ireland during MTV Music Award in 2014 (Photo:

She always thought that there was no point on hiding things from the public when the two were in perfect place showing all her affection in public.

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Ireland’s family even accepted the two with open arms. Ireland’s cousin said that they are proud of her and Angel is the best person for her. She said that all of them have a lot of giggles and good memories together.

But all these love and acceptance came to an end with their split in April 2015. Maybe the separation was hard on both of them with Ireland taking professional help for her emotional trauma.

After the breakup and trauma, the lesbian beauty, Ireland, found love in a man. She was spotted on the way to a date with Noah Schweizer.

Though Ireland has moved on with her past, there are no details about Angel’s love affair.

How Much Is Angel's Net Worth?

Angel has been accumulating her net worth as a rapper and singer. Angel's net worth is estimated to be a decent sum of $500 thousand, as per wiki. She entered the world of music from YouTube, so she has garnered a good amount from her channel AngelHazeVevo. With 100,863 subscribers and more than 14 million views, she reportedly gets a payment of $14 - $225 per month raking up $169 - $2.7K per year

She entered the music industry in 2013, with her debut album Dirty Gold. She was able to grab viewers’ attention from her singles “New York” and “Wrekin Girls.”

Before debuting with her album, she had done many covers and rework on popular songs, one of them is Beyonce’s track “Drunk in Love.” One of her most viewed covers is “Cleaning Out My Closet.” This is the song where she has reflected her childhood and the sexual abuses she has been through as a child.

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The bold singer has done 121 tours till November 2018 and ten albums in total. She has also been nominated several times like her nominations for MTV Brand New for 2013 Award, Popdust New Pop Superstar 2012 Award. In 2013, she was also named as the third best Sound of 2013 by BBC.

Short Bio

The rap star was born in 1992 and marks her birthday on 10th July. The African-American rapper and singer stands at a decent height of 5 feet 6 inch. 

She was raised in Detroit and had a hard life. Despite being surrounded by ill-mannered people, she was raised by a supportive family. Her father always treated her as the queen and believed in her. He was there to support through her struggles, but he is no more in this world to see her queen rule it. She is also very close to her mom and says she was a great support. She says her mother was sorry that the daughter was touched.