Ash Tandon Wiki, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Bodyguard

By Mausam Bhattarai | Updated On: 19 Jul, 2021
Ash Tandon Wiki, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Bodyguard

Ash Tandon, an Asian guy who characterized the role of the Detective in the ITV soap series, Bodyguard in 2018, has been an amusement to the audiences with much gossips. The native Indian actor, who was previously confined in the documentaries, stage shows, and commercials, has summoned the exclamation and support of the audiences and fans in Bodyguard.

Career And Progression

Before making his appearance in Bodyguard, he has enjoyed a good run of appearance in Coronation Street as PC Daullah. Although he portrays an occasional role, he has 28 credits under his belt, which continues.

He also performed in the Paramedic on the scene of a car crash involving Tyrone and Molly Dobbs in April 2010.

He also has been credited in Cutting It, Blue Murder, Waterloo Road, The Street, Doctors, Hollyoaks, and many others. Apart from that, he has been involved in onstage productions of Centre Stage, the Left a Little; East is West; Corporate; Tie Tour; Good Night Out; Sus and Open Couple.

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Action In Bodyguard & Net Worth

Ash Tandon had his breakthrough in the British television drama series, Bodyguard, created and written by Jed Mercurio. Playing his role as Detective Chief Inspector Deepak Sharma, as the typical Asian type of Detective in the series, wasn't the desire of Ash Tandon. He only did the role of what the writer had written. And it is crystal clear that he did justice to his position.

In the series, Ash Tandon had a surprising entry after the death of Cormac from overuse of drugs, to which people couldn’t believe their eyes and used Twitter to share their views. One of the fans wrote with amusement on Twitter, "Did I just see Bodyguard Deepak in #corrie?" 

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Ash Tandon joined on the BBC thriller, where people questioned whether audiences might see a return of DCI Sharma for the next season.

It seems that the audience is amused to see his role as a Detective, investigating the death of Cormac Truman death.

From his prominent earnings from the TV shows and movies, Ash enjoys a six-figured net worth. However, his exact net worth is yet to be studied.

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Personal Life Beyond The Public Eye!

Who doesn't want to know about their star's relationships and affairs? But, Ash Tandon remains secretive about answering the questions of his loyal fan. Is he married, or does he have a girlfriend? Even after pondering hours on his personal life, these questions remain unanswered. In addition, he doesn't have an official social media account, which makes it even more difficult to retrieve information about his dating status.

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Fans have conjectured that he might be married as his age reflects that he might be in his mid-thirties but as the shreds of information don't lead to the conclusions, facts about his real or dream wife remain a riddle yet to be solved.